Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket Was Present On 10th Anniversary of ‘Michael Jackson One’

Newsby Rishab Dey30 August 2023

Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket Was Present On 10th Anniversary of ‘Michael Jackson One’

29th August marked the 10th anniversary of ‘Michael Jackson ONE’, a production based on the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s son Bigi (previously known as Blanket) Jackson makes a rare appearance on the 10th anniversary.

Blanket Jackson was accompanied by Prince Jackson as they remembered their father who would have turned 65.

On Tuesday Blanket made a rare appearance along with his brother Prince in Las Vegas ‘Michael Jackson ONE’ 10th anniversary to honor their father, Michael Jackson who died in 2009. Both the siblings were seen at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, the location where the ‘Michael Jackson ONE’ show is going on.

The siblings were seen greeting fans in the casino. A MJ fan presented a picture of their late father with an angel in it to the son. According to Cirque du Soleil’s website the members of Michael Jackson’s estate were to host a Q&A session with the public to commemorate the artist’s “Blue Sapphire Birthday Celebration.”

Michael Jackson’s loved ones interacted with some of his biggest fans and then they enjoyed the special performance by the cast of the Vegas show. The event continued throughout the evening. Also, the event also featured a book signing event by the author of The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson, Michael Bush.

The event did not end there but had a meet and greet session with the creative team of the original Michael Jackson ONE and representatives of Michael Jackson’s estate. Fans who provided proof of the shows on Tuesday got treated with cupcakes and cake before the event. Michael Jackson’s 65th birthday marked the 10th anniversary of the Las Vegas ‘Michael Jackson ONE’ production. The show promised to be “part music, part acrobatics” and “all amazing.” Michael Jackson’s children all paid tribute to their late father with pictures on his 65th birthday.

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