4 Basics For Building Your Own Brand

Dev & Designby Ariana Smith12 January 2019

Own Brand

Although a lot of people think that creating a brand is as simple as creating branding merchandise, there’s a lot more that goes into it.  Although physical branding is essential too, there are many other ways to create your unique identity on the market.

Much like you have your own unique personality in life amongst your friends and your family, your business should have it’s own image as well.  The way that people perceive you will determine how you’re viewed within your niche.  Your business’s name, type, and quality of products, logo, and aesthetic will determine how you’re seen by others.

In order to build a favorable brand, you’ll need to put in a consistent effort in the way that you interact with the world around you to control how you’re perceived.  Here are the best ways to get started.


Google is a great place to start when you begin making decisions about your brand.  I order to determine what direction you’re going to go; you need to understand your competitors and what tactics they’re currently using.

You can refer to customer reviews and surveys to see what the general feeling is for other brands.  Tak with experts in your field, and get as much information on your hands as possible.

By getting a feel for what the current climate is and what customers want, you’ll feel much more informed about what you need to deliver to succeed.

Create a Unique Brand Personality:

The first thing you need to know is that you can’t please everyone.  A brand has to make a strong choice and stick to it.  So use all your focus on creating an identity that’s unique and makes a choice. Wavering about your identity trying to please everyone will only create a disconnect.

Choose Your Name:

Choosing your business name should be fun.  Rather than making it a chore, you should make it about finding a name which embraces everything that your business stands for.

A name can be incredibly powerful, so choose something which you feel is appropriate for the message you want to convey.  In order to reach your target audience your name should connect with them.

Create Your Look:

Creating the image of your brand will mean hiring a professional designer to come up with your logo.

Equally as important as the logo of your brand is the color scheme.  Choose a logo which embodies the look and feel of the image you want to convey.  You want to make sure that they aren’t similar to any of your competitors so that your customers don’t get confused. Believe it or not, each color is known for having a unique effect psychologically on customers.  So choose carefully!

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