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If there’s one thing iPhones are known for, it’s their secure nature. It’s very difficult to spy on an iPhone user and track their activity. But it’s not impossible.

There are several spy applications that you can install on iPhones within just minutes. Once there, these apps will work in a stealth mode so that the target user can never know they’re being spied on. Some of these applications can even be installed remotely via iCloud. Here’s a list of the top 5 WhatsApp spy iPhone apps that you can use in 2022.

Why You Might Need to Spy on WhatsApp?

Why You Might Need to Spy on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that’s free to use for everyone around the globe. Available for both iPhone and Android, WhatsApp allows you to send and receive text messages, voice notes, photos, videos, and documents over the internet.

Besides its free nature, what makes WhatsApp a popular choice to share data and information is its secure, end-to-end encryption that makes it very difficult for someone to hack into your chats and spy on WhatsApp messages.

You can also share your live GPS location on this platform. Best of all, it allows you to make endless voice and video calls 100% free. It’s one of the most downloaded apps on both the Apple Store and Play Market and is used by pretty much everyone.

Just like WhatsApp makes things easy for you, it does the same for bullies, predators, scammers, and all kinds of awful people.

Sometimes, to keep your loved ones safe, especially your underage teens who have just got their first iPhone, you might want to keep an eye on their WhatsApp activity. For that, you’d need a spy application.

Top 5 Applications to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp in 2022

Top 5 Applications to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp in 2022

There are several applications that you can use to spy on WhatsApp in 2022. While some offer pretty basic features, others are more advanced. Likewise, some of these apps require you to jailbreak the target iPhone, while others don’t.

Here are the top 5 apps that you can use today.

1. eyeZy

If you’re wondering how to spy on WhatsApp iPhone without jailbreak, eyeZy is the best option available on the market. Thanks to a long list of features, secure functionality, user-friendly installation, and great after-support, eyeZy provides the best value for money.

As of now, eyeZy comes in two versions for iPhone:

  • A remote, jailbreak-free version that works via iCloud and doesn’t require you to jailbreak iPhone or even install the app on the target smartphone.
  • A regular version that can only be installed on jailbroken devices.

2. mSpy

mSpy is another great way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp. It offers extensive functionality, is easy to install, and comes with helpful support.

  • Pros: It’s a very safe and secure way to track someone’s WhatsApp.
  • Cons: It lacks a WhatsApp call recording feature.

3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY offers a WhatsApp tracking feature only in Premium versions that might cost more than the standard package. Though it offers relatively more features than most rivals, what makes it lag behind them is that it doesn’t offer a jailbreak-free option.

  • Pros: WhatsApp call recording is available. You also get 24/7 support.
  • Cons: Difficult to install as it requires jailbreaking. It’s also more expensive.


XNSPY is another WhatsApp spy app for iPhone that you can effectively use to track everything your target user does on their phone. It’s very easy to install and takes just a few minutes without any need for jailbreaking the device.

  • Pros: It comes with multi-lingual support available 24/7.
  • Cons: Frequent software updates can often take a long time for some operating systems.

5. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is an affordable app that you can use to spy on WhatsApp of iPhone users that doesn’t require jailbreaking iPhones for installation.

  • Pros: It’s relatively cheap.
  • Cons: It doesn’t have the functionality to track WhatsApp calls.


WhatsApp has made it very easy for bullies, predators, and scammers to access your kids and loved ones.

To keep them safe from these dangers, you need to be fully aware of their WhatsApp activity. Thankfully, you can spy on WhatsApp iPhone using the apps we discussed above to ensure the safety of your family and friends.

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