V’s Solo Album Is Coming And Just Ahead, BTS Organizes A Mini Concert!

Newsby Rishab Dey14 August 2023

V’s Solo Album Is Coming And Just Ahead, BTS Organizes A Mini Concert!

The popular Korean boy band BTS will perform in an upcoming mini-concert on 25 August. One of the band members, Kim Taehyung, also known as V, has his solo album coming in September; hence, he is using the mini concert to promote his album!

His debut album, Layover, is much awaited, and he will also be hosting a mini-concert for his fans, especially before the release of his next album. He is also expected to sing some of the tracks from his solo album in the concert, which will give him more exposure.

There are already two solo music videos that Taehyung has dropped as pre-release music videos for the album. The Tiny Desk Concerts are being organized by NPR, which has lined up many shows across South Korea. The organizers include the LG U+content studio and Studio X+U.

BTW will be performing in one of these, and so will V, where he will promote his solo album. Five other artists will perform in the lineup: Sunwoo Junga, Kwon Jin Ah, Yun Seok Cheol Trio, Kim Chang Wan Band, and BTS’s V.

The news of this concert has been shared on social media by Studio X+U. The organizers have been excited to share the information, and fans are excited for Taehung to perform in Tiny Desk Korea. Further, this will be his first stage debut as a solo performer.

Apart from this, he has performed as a part of the team BTS in Tiny Desk Concert organized by NPR Music. His music video, such as Love Me Again, was released first as a pre-release ahead of his solo album dropping. Another music video that came is called Rainy Days! Fans are going wild across the world.

There are six songs on which Taeuhung will be performing in the album, Layover, namely For Us, Slow Dancing which is a piano version, Rainy Days, Love Me Again, Slow Dancing, and Blue.

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