Why Should You Build Your Company Website on WordPress?

Dev & Designby Mashum Mollah11 December 2020

WordPress Website

WordPress is the favorite choice of both tech-savvy and web novice because of its ease of use and CMS development. It has quickly gained popularity over the last decade among small business owners. Packed with powerful features and free-to-use themes allows you to create user-friendly responsive websites. It has become so the trend that there is a community of WordPress Developers who dedicatedly post tutorials, eBooks, and guides on how to use it and the latest news about the WordPress organization.

 If you are planning to build a meaningful website and still have second thoughts on using the WordPress platform,

Here are our ten reasons why you should develop your company website on WordPress:-

 ●    Free for All –

 The top reason for considering building your website on WordPress is because it is free. Nothing is charged against installing and using this free CMS, even if your site starts getting more traffic. Its open-source feature allows you to customize the code without paying any incentive or fee to the organization.

 ●    Easy To Set Up – 

With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about designing the website. WordPress directory and code canyon are packed with thousands of plugins to choose from and create your customized website without having any technical knowledge of coding.

 ●    Search Engine Friendly –

 Google prioritizes WordPress websites over other websites, and hence it is easy to crawl your business site on a search engine if it is developed on WP. Not just this, your product gets more visibility on search engines and hence can get conversions relatively better than sites built on a different platform.

 ●    Option to schedule Posts –

 An innovative feature of WP websites is that it gives you the freedom to post at your convenience. You can create and schedule a post in a few simple steps. You can either post instantly if an ad comes up or schedule a date to post without worrying about missing your important work.

 ●    Mobile friendly –

Recent studies show that there has been a drastic rise in the use of smartphones as compared to other devices. According to a survey, smartphones generated 50.81 percent of website traffic worldwide. It is most likely that the user sees your product on a smartphone instead of on the laptop or a desktop. To make the right impression on the users, it is highly recommended to create mobile-friendly websites. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about the Mobile-friendliness or responsiveness of the website.

 ●    Multi-user Capability –

 The most significant advantage of a WordPress website for businesses is that it allows multi-user capability to access and run the website. Various roles and authorizations are available in WordPress from where the admin can give access and rights to different users. The total predefined user roles in WP are six(Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber) and can be provided access using a plugin called WordPress codex.

 ●    Publish Posts/Content Anytime – 

WordPress websites are mobile-friendly and allow you to publish posts from your phone immediately, anytime, with a single click. A similar feature is provided in the WordPress App as well.

 ●    Integrates with Everything – 

WP integrates nearly with everything. WordPress can be combined with any third-party service if there’s a plugin or an API available. Some of the important payment gateways that can be integrated easily with WP sites are PayPalStripeEscrow, and Hubspot.

 ●    Flexible Hosting – 

When it comes to hosting your WordPress website, you are not committed to hosting on a single server. WordPress is flexible when it comes to hosting a website on a server. Moving a WordPress website from one server to another is simple and requires no hosting provider commitment.

 ●    Social Sharing and Adding Testimonials – 

The ability to add social media buttons on the website to help people find you easily on social networking sites makes it an excellent choice for business websites. Blog websites have the added advantage of allowing users to comment and reply with the ‘like’ option.

 Testimonials are an additional feature that helps in winning users’ trust and is a great selling tactic. Plugins for social sharing and adding testimonials are available on WordPress and can be easily integrated with the website.

 Sum Up

WordPress websites come with so many benefits that it has become one of the top choices for commercial and personal websites. I hope that these top ten reasons are enough to convince you why a WordPress website is the best decision for your company, and you got some directions for the action plan of building your website on WP. An expert WordPress web design company can elaborate more on its other essential features and functionality.

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