Cash Games or Tournaments – 4 Factors to Help You Choose Better

Gamingby Ariana Smith03 July 2018

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Every time you come across cash games or exciting tournaments, perhaps the first thing that crosses your mind is “should I” or “should I not?” Although, both the variations are distinct from each other and come bundled with their own set of entertainment and challenges, at times you’ll find yourself at the crossroads wondering what you should pick. Well, there aren’t any hard and fast rules for you decide which variation suits you better; however, there are certainly few factors that you could delve upon to make an easy choice.

Check out these important factors that help you choose between cash games and tournaments.

1. Expertise :

It goes without saying that tournaments are a more skilled format of the game unlike any other format of rummy such as free or cash games. So, if you have the skill enough to give your opponents a run for their money then rummy tournaments are a natural choice. On the other hand, cash rummy games for mobile do require your agile rummy skills but in comparison to tournaments, the degree of competition and challenges are relatively lesser.

2. Time :

If you are hard pressed for time and prefer to catch up with rummy online in between your breaks in a very unscheduled manner, then you may not look beyond cash games. There are innumerable cash games that keep running round the clock; you can play rummy at your convenience. On the contrary, if you enjoy the luxury of time which gives you the freedom to take part in the tournaments at their scheduled time, then tournaments are your best fit. Tournaments begin at a specific time which calls for your availability in order to participate in them.

3. Game format :

The online rummy game is fast-paced as it is restricted by time. However, cash games and tournaments vary slightly in terms of their format. Cash games are short and quick games that you play rummy for real money; the cash prizes are relatively small but assure you of quick money if you win these games. On the other hand, tournaments are fought for huge cash rewards – the prize amounts are insanely high. Also, they comprise of several qualifying rounds before you make to the top league. Tournaments are for real rummy players who are extremely skilled and confident of facing any rummy challenges in the game.

4. Expectation :

When it comes to choosing your entertainment it ultimately boils down to one important factor – your expectation from the entertainment. If you’d love for some light-hearted yet challenging fun, then cash games fit the bill. But, tournaments are not played with this kind of a frivolous attitude. Tournaments are played on the strong edifice of your rummy skills and your commitment to the game. Cash games do require expert rummy skills in order to win them, but the level of commitment that’s usually synonymous with professionals is developed only when you start playing tournaments.

Your preferences help you pick :

To sum up, cash games and tournaments are equally good and entirely depend on your preferences and expectations of the game. Hence, decide what you want and choose the game that you’ll enjoy.


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