Let Us Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Watson’s Way

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming upon us quickly. Some people look forward to the time they can celebrate their one and only true love while other couples resent the holiday finding it commercializes something that should be sacred, and singles have their own anti-valentine’s day celebration. So, it can be pretty much whatever you choose.

Still, there are many ways to honor the day as you wish without taking the fine dining and red roses route (which are honestly vastly overpriced on that day).

You do not even have to run away to an exotic location (though many of us would not necessarily be opposed to that specific idea).

The most critical factor is spending time with a special person in your life or others who share your ideology on banning valentines from your vocabulary this year.

Stores of Watson’s and homeowners worldwide will agree that this can be done on a budget and in the classic home environment. It merely takes a creative mind and the notion to ensure that you are spoiled for the entire weekend. Let us look at how we can make this happen.

Let us Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Watson’s Way

Of course, whether you reside in an apartment or a house, there will likely be at least a small amount of outdoor area you can use for personal purposes. Hopefully, there can be a small bistro or even a patio set compliments of Watson’s home store.

If you are lucky, you’ll have a nice fire pit to sit around with some warm blankets since it will be a cool February night.

It is not just for a romantic couple; this can be an all-inclusive anti-love party with the black balloons, spiced cider, and, of course, anything but a heart-shaped cake with each party member bringing a flower – not a rose, perhaps daisies. Look here about celebrating as a single. Let us get into the details of what our valentines should look like.

1. Romance on the horizon

When you are in a partnership, it is nice to enjoy the day anticipating a nice candlelit dinner on the patio, but no one needs to cook; it should be takeout from a place you both want.

After having dinner sitting around the bistro built for two, you can move out to the firepit area for dessert and conversation.

The suggestion is to create a dessert tray complete with many of your favorite treats from the bakery if you are not into baking cookies or making candy. If neither of you is into sweets, you can create a cheese and grapes plate to enjoy with your beverage of choice and interaction.

The idea is to hold a conversation perhaps about when you first met, how things have changed over time, and maybe what you see for the future as you cuddle under the blankets in your Adirondack chairs sitting by the firepit.

It is the ideal setting without the excessive expense of a fine restaurant or the commercialized cost of red roses, and the experience is much more meaningful.

2. Celebrating celibacy

Valentine's Day

For men or women who choose to boycott the holiday, you can have an all-inclusive party for everyone. Each person can bring a dish, a flower, and you can have a rectangular cake that is neither red nor pink.

Further, it’s a good idea to involve a pinata that each person can take a few swipes at to release pent-up frustrations over the entire day.

Inside will be assorted chocolates to binge after dinner while surrounding the pit with the chairs lined with black balloons. In the circle, each person can take a turn discussing their specific reason for such traditional disgust.

By the time the evening is complete, everyone feels vindicated and genuinely has a good time secretly enjoying their valentine celebration among those closest to them. Learn some anti-Valentine’s Day traditions at https://www.moneycrashers.com/anti-valentines-day-ideas-hate-holiday/.

Final Thought

There are still people who want to go all out and enjoy the intricacies of what Valentine’s Day has to offer, including the limo ride to the fanciest restaurant with the red roses delivered to the office so everyone can see what a sweetheart you have.

To those individuals celebrating to the greatest extent of the holiday, we say live the experience to the fullest without looking back and have the best day ever. In reality, everyone will have fun in their own unique way. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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