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Christmas gifts

Sending a gift on a joyful occasion is often the best way to cement a relationship and show that the person matters. Often it is difficult for the gift giver to find a suitable gift for the recipient, since the recipient may already have the item. Hence increasingly individuals and businesses in Singapore are interested in sending hampers as gifts to their friends, relatives and business associates. Hence they would like to find out the companies, websites offering like, the considerations for selecting a supplier for hampers, the popular types of hampers, customization options available.


Many hamper businesses have found that hampers to celebrate the arrival of a new baby are the most popular types of hampers in Singapore. These hampers will usually include clothes for the baby like rompers, beanies, mittens,bibs, muslin. Other baby items like teethers, rattles, plush items are also included. The items supplied especially the rompers can be customized with the name of the baby to give it a unique look. If required an enhanced version of the baby hamper is available with a hot air balloon, which may be customized with a message, usually the baby’s name.

Often people send hampers to their friends on birthdays, anniversaries and other happy occasions. For this depending on the personal preferences of the recipient they can choose between chocolate, flower, novelties, wine and other customized hampers. For the floral hampers, the sender can specify his personal preferences for the type and color of the flowers, or use the existing floral arrangements. The flowers actually used will depend on the availability. Some of the hampers may not be available on mother’s day or similar occasions, since the hamper seller has a large number of orders.


It is advisable to deliver orders with flowers, hot air balloons and other similar items on the day on which the event is scheduled, since they have a limited life. The instruction for prolonging the life of the consumables is provided. Typically orders placed before 1.30 pm are delivered the same day. If the order has to be customized with a message, and is placed at least 3 days before the delivery date, a digital copy of the artwork will be sent to the sender for review. He can request changes in the artwork at least once, before it is used to customize the hamper which is ordered.


While almost all hampers have a provision for sending a personalized message, increasing the sender can personalize the hamper further. If the hamper includes clothes or toys these can be customized with the name of the recipient or other message. Increasingly hampers with helium balloons are becoming popular. The helium balloons can also be customized with a text message. In addition to the large balloon, smaller balloons are also included in the hamper, and the sender can choose the color of these balloons. The print or design of these balloons can also be customized. LED lights for illumination can also be included in the hamper if required.

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