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Dogs are human’s best friends, but their love for chicken side-lines other bonds; hence, chicken treats are the best way to appreciate, express love and maintain the bond with the dog. Besides their love for chicken, it is a holy grail due to the added benefits to your best friend.


1. Excellent source of energy

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Chicken is lean meat that is ideal for our canine companions. Chicken is a rich source of energy for pups. Dogs require protein as their primary energy source, and chicken provides just that.

2. Increases lean muscular mass

Chicken aids in the development of lean muscular mass in your dog. Muscle mass degrades as your dog becomes older or more energetic, and it must be replenished. Chicken is the ideal solution for them to be healthy and happy.

3. It contains omega-6 fatty acids

Chicken contains omega-6 fatty acids, which aid in your dog’s shine. They help in the maintenance of healthy skin as well as a lustrous coat in your dog.

4. An adequate supply of amino acid

Amino acids, in a nutshell, are indeed the proteins found. For dogs, 10 of the 22 amino acids must be obtained by diet or supplementation. Proteins are dietary fibers of essential amino acids, with the largest concentration commonly found in animal protein such as chicken.

Best chicken treat ideas:

1. DIY baked chicken treat for your dog

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Make delicious baked chicken DIY dog treats with a quick and easy recipe. Once cooked, the goodies can be refrigerated or frozen.

How? Here you go.

  • Pre-heat the oven to 350oF.
  • In a food processor, combine the chicken and eggs.
  • Pour the contents into a mixing basin and add the flour and oil. This batter should be thicker than pancake batter but still pourable.
  • Spread the batter into the silicone mold on a baking sheet, filling the holes scraping it off the separators.
  • 12 minutes in the oven
  • When the goodies have cooled, flip them out of the molds.
  • Refrigerate or freeze the snacks after bagging them.

2. Homemade chicken jerky

Simple, tasty, and easy to prepare for pups of all ages. The shelf life of your newly produced chicken dog jerky is determined by how dry it is.

Using a paper towel, pat dries the chicken. To marinate, the first five elements are chickpea flour, flax, pea flour, tapioca starch, and pumpkin.

A dehydrator or oven, as well as chicken breast. One can make those jerky snacks more appealing to fussy canines by adding some marinade. Dehydrate the jerky at 170°F for 4 to 5 hours, or until it is completely dry and has a small snap when broken.

3. Pet supplies

Numerous brands in the market make it way more straightforward for people to own pets these days with a wide and varied variety of product ranges, including dog treats or, to be specific, chicken dog treats. One such brand that is a one-stop destination to many pet owners around the world is, which assures you the best quality products for your loving best friend.

4. Chicken liver treats

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Make some simple – and nutritious – training rewards for your dog. Chicken liver is indeed a doggie delicacy (and cheap), making it ideal for making high-value rewards for training and day outings with your dog.

With only three ingredients–chicken, chicken liver, plus eggs–this meal comes together in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how

  • Preheat the oven to 220°F.
  • Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  • Chop the chicken and eggs in a blender, then combine them. Pour the full jar of chicken livers and fluids into the mixture. Mix until the mixture has a malt-like consistency.
  • Bake after pouring the mixture into the center of the two cookie sheets.
  • After an hour, slice each batch into one-inch cubes and turn the treats so that both sides brown—Bake for another hour.
  • When the goodies are toasted, turn off the heat but keep the cookie trays in the hot oven for several hours to cool.
  • Cool the sweets fully before serving or storing them in the refrigerator. Break up goodies into smaller pieces for training purposes.
  • Fridge or freeze all snacks; they will keep in the refrigerator for approximately a week.

5. Doggo cookies

Some canines are sensitive to dairy and therefore should avoid it.

Use a combination of whole wheat and all-purpose flour. Aside from that, there’s some dried evaporated milk powder, one egg, and some excellent shredded chicken: carrots, low-sodium chicken broth, and just a pinch of parmesan cheese.

The dough should be quite firm, but you may always add a bit of extra chicken broth if necessary. Then, roll out the dough to about 14-inch thickness on a floured surface.

And then you can cut out your contours. Set the cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 350°F until brown.

Treat your dogs well, and they will treat you well.

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