How To choose A Second-Hand Laptop

Gadgetsby Arnab Dey27 May 2022


Over the past two years, the global economy has faced a number of challenges – Covid 19, the war in Ukraine, disrupted supply channels, rising inflation, and generally high levels of uncertainty. For many products, the combination of all these factors has led to higher-end prices, supply bottlenecks, and even shortages.

This is also true for computer equipment. Notebook prices have been rising steadily since mid-2020 and stocks in stores are far from constant. In this situation, second-hand technology is becoming increasingly attractive. Mainly for two reasons – availability and very good price/quality ratio.

What will it be used for?

Before embarking on a virtual tour of online second-hand shops, it is a good idea to answer the question “what do I need a laptop for”?

If you’re going to use it primarily for browsing and watching videos, you can opt for a mid-range machine with a 14 – 15 inch screen.

If you need a computer to process video and use heavier software, you can look at so-called workstations – these feature a larger screen (16-17 inches) and powerful hardware. They are usually heavier and have very low battery life.

If you use your laptop primarily on the go and frequently change the location from which you work, go for 12 – 14 inch business models. Fortunately, the second-hand market is flooded with just such offerings.


Once you’re clear on roughly what kind of machine you need, note that most online used electronics dealers list its condition. In some shops, it is denoted by Class, in others Status, and in others simply Condition.

However, the common thread is that the letter A marks all devices that are in perfect condition, B those that have signs of use, and C those that have more serious visual damage but are still functionally reliable.

Battery life?

The practice with second-hand laptops is to specify whether a particular machine has a working or non-working laptop battery. However, if it is specified that the battery is working, it is a matter of luck whether it will last half an hour or a few hours.

If this is of great importance to you, you can make a request for further information, but very often shops only test whether the battery works or not, not what its remaining capacity is and how long it lasts.

Laptop batteries are a consumable that needs to be replaced every few years anyway. So even if you opt for a second-hand computer with a replacement laptop battery, you can look for a new battery online.

It’s usually not specifically described, but second-hand laptops are sold with a laptop charger included in the package.

Hardware – memory, screen, ports, hard drive?

Hardware matters mostly in relation to the purpose of the computer. However, what you need to consider, regardless of potential use, is the presence of an SSD hard drive, which greatly increases performance speed, and the ports you need (if you’re going to use specific peripherals, make sure the laptop has compatible ports), and screen size.

These are the most important tips that you need to have in mind when you are buying a new second-hand laptop. So good luck with the shopping.

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