How CMMs Can Improve Production Line Efficiency

Businessby Ariana Smith13 June 2018


Manufacturing has always been a challenging business. While it can be extremely profitable, production line designers must undertake constant research into the latest machinery, software, and assembly techniques in order to reduce overhead and stay ahead of the competition. The success or failure of a manufacturing business often comes down to how well one can play the margins, and even modest rises in input costs can be disastrous. This is why constantly working to find new efficiencies and cut down on waste within the production cycle is key to a company’s survival.

Quality control has always played an important role in increasing efficiency, which is why coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are such a vital part of any production line. CMMs use the latest metrology software to measure assembled parts and products against digital blueprints using a range of different technologies, from traditional tactile probes to sophisticated light and laser sensor-based systems. They can also serve a range of other purposes — CMMs are also useful for creating CAD blueprints based on existing parts and monitoring production line wear and tear to track degradation of tools and machinery.

CMMs create more efficient production lines in two main ways. First, they help to gather detailed information about how assembled parts stack up against the CAD models being used to produce them, which allows detailed monitoring of product quality. Second, by providing a high-level process for monitoring the consistency of production line quality over time, they reduce waste by catching minor errors before they become major ones. Perhaps most importantly, by making the quality control process more automated and less reliant on production line workers, CMMs reduce overhead costs by decreasing a production line’s use of human labor — always one of the most significant expenses a manufacturing company is faced with.

Obviously, CMMs are powerful tools that can have a wide-reaching impact on a production line’s ability to turn out the quality product in a timely and affordable manner. If you are looking for CMM coordinate measuring machine information check out metrology equipment and software providers in your area to learn more about how CMMs are making it easier than ever for production lines to increase efficiency, decrease waste, and save money.

If you are operating in southern Ontario or the Golden Horseshoe, one of the best CMM providers to consider is Canadian Measurement-Metrology, an industry leader based in Mississauga. Canadian Measurement-Metrology is an excellent source for both new and used CMMs, and can also provide CMM rentals, contract programming services, and custom metrology services in its state-of-the-art facility.

So far, 2018 has been a year of challenge and possibility for those involved in the manufacturing business in North America. Automation and the opening up of new markets have created a huge potential for profit, but it has also created more competition. The winners in this new economy will be the companies who are best able to adapt to changing realities and take advantage of new technologies to make production cheaper.

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