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Businessby Mashum Mollah11 November 2021

Your Workforce

Working is something that is not considered fun for a lot of people but that’s not to say employees shouldn’t be happy in their place of work. Showing up every day to perform a job can lead to added stress and pressures in their lives so providing your workforce with a happier working environment is critical.

The saying goes, happiness makes the world go round. However, happiness also leads to a workplace with more productivity and even greater success as companies with happier employees outperform their competitors by 20% and salespeople that are happy at work close 37% more sales.

We’re here to tell you our top 6 ways to achieve a happier workforce.

1. Deliver praise and recognition

Seeking more recognition is one of the main reasons for leaving a company for employees, so make sure to tell your employees when they have done something well and this will boost their confidence; helping them to feel more motivated to succeed and receive more praise.

2. Build trust

2. Build trust

Employees will always want to shine where they can but without giving them responsibility for their actions, trust can never truly be built.

In practice, this means letting your employees do the job that they were hired to do. Relieve your staff from the negative effects of micromanagement and give them more of a chance of being happy and succeeding in their roles.

3. Make work fulfilling

Knowing the purpose of the work that we are doing is the easiest way to boost happiness. It adds context to roles and responsibilities which can help to increase the motivation behind the job. On top of this, when things go to plan for your employees, they will know what their hard work is going towards.

4. Create a luxurious office environment

4. Create a luxurious office environment

Luxury office furniture can promote employee wellness in an office. Having a large array of nice furniture can help to reduce any of your workforce’s negative feelings towards coming to work.

If their workplace is filled with lavish furniture, they will be happier coming into the office which will reflect in their work.

5. Prioritise work/life balance

Understanding how to maintain a work/life balance can be tricky for some employees which can ultimately result in unhappiness at work. As an employer, you should push this notion hard and ensure that your workforce knows how to switch off from work and enjoy their life.

6. Promote wellbeing at work

6. Promote wellbeing at work

Incentivizing wellbeing at work can be an excellent way to boost the happiness of employees. Encourage a bike to work scheme or provide free fruit and your employees will know that you do care about their health, wellbeing, and happiness.

As you can see, creating a happier workforce can be easy to achieve with the right attitude, and in turn, you will have a more motivated team working hard to achieve all of your goals as a business.

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