Coin Collecting Tips For the Beginners

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Coin Collecting

The first rule of starting a hobby is to find something that interests you. Coin collecting is one of those hobbies that is not only an interesting pastime but also is considered an investment. One can get a good deal of money if he decides to sell off his collection. 

Now, one starting his journey of coin collecting might appreciate a guideline to be on the right track. As a beginner, considering this small investment can be your best strategy to gain good returns in the long run. Continue reading this article to get useful tips on coin collection for the beginner. 

Coin Collecting Tips For the Beginners:

Coin Collecting Tips For the Beginners:

Once you learn how to become a good coin collector, you will enjoy this hobby for sure. At the same time, there are some coin collecting rules that some have to follow every time while making a purchase. There are various collection tips for the beginners that you must know and some of the same are described below. 

i). Start Small: 

i). Start Small: 

At the beginning, one must take coin collecting as a mere hobby, rather than considering it solely as an investment. If it is monetary gain one is after, he can invest in different sectors such as the stock market and real estate. At the initial state of collecting coins, do it for fun. Fall in love with the beautiful design and research the rich history the coin bears. 

You may start with a collection with the US mint American Silver Eagle bullion coins. The classic design and the inscription make it a go-to collectible item. The pure silver coin has great investment value, as the market silver value only goes upwards.   

ii). Trust your Instinct: 

ii). Trust your Instinct: 

Many people might wonder, should I buy this coin? Well, be proactive and trust your instinct. Study the history behind this coin, and learn about the market value of the same. 

If you feel like the item should be in your collection, without hesitation go for the purchase. However, you must not make an ill-informed decision when it comes to coin purchases. 

iii). Store the Coin with Care: 

It is not enough to purchase a coin, it is equally necessary to store them in a safe place. You cannot just dump all these collectible coins in a box and call it a day. 

Each coin needs its own case or separate pockets, where it can rest untouched. Whenever you decide to hold the coin, wear cotton gloves and hold it on its edge. 

iv). Look for Guidance:

When you are starting a new journey, you will need guidance so that you can fully experience the thrill of the new hobby. Don’t be shy in asking for help when needed. You must know where to look for help with your coin collection. 

  • Books: Just as this article is guiding beginners to make an informed purchase, there are books available for coin collectors. These guidebooks instruct one in details of new coins, old coins, and more. One can easily find local stores and tips to get the best pricing on a particular coin and more in these guide books.
  • Online websites: A Website dedicated to coin purchase, is a great place to learn more about a particular coin. These websites focus on the history of a coin as well as the market value of the coin. 
  • Online forum: Social media is a great place to meet people with similar interests. Facebook groups, Reddit threads are the places where you can find the real information. Be active on social media and make a connection with people who take coin collection seriously as a passion. 


Having a sense of community is vital when it comes to forming a new hobby. Be in touch with people who love collecting coins, or have been collecting coins for many years. They know where to look for a rare coin and how to get the best deal on every purchase. Our experts said that becoming a coin collector can be one of the best hobbies that one can enjoy in the long run. But there are some factors that each coin collector needs to consider and these are described above. 

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