Contraptions for Rodents: Methods of Eradicating Mice

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Eradicating Mice

Mouse Trap:

Although it is fair to say that there is no shortage of ingenious mouse extermination products easily available in the U.S. today, the barbaric nature of some of the devices on offer has led to a surge in home-made contraptions by desperate homeowners. Indeed, even though most people with a mice infestation issue will be willing to try almost anything to reclaim their territory, sticky-glue traps or the more brutal traditional spring-loaded contraptions are sometimes enough to make even the more determined victim of mouse invasions to rethink their strategies.

The good news for squeamish homeowners in America searching for more humane ways to deter mice from entering their house is there are plenty of companies offering systems such as electromagnetic plug-in devices. However, rather than people in a dilemma about how to avoid mouse infestation choosing the first firm they find with an online search providing a suitable solution, it is wise to apply some caution. In fact, what many homeowners in North America will do as a means to learn about the different kinds of mouse traps that can be bought these days is scour the net for websites with the sort of information that could provide them with a practical solution. There are articles you can find online from websites that are without a doubt great place for people with a potential mouse infestation problem in their home to look in order to gain some inspiration.


In many parts of the world including the U.S., there are so many kinds of common house pests to be concerned about that it can be difficult to become an expert on just one of these issues. However, well-read residents of America that have learned a thing or two about alternative methods to solve potential rodent infestation are bound to know about plug-ins providing an electromagnetic pulse through their home’s electrical cables – resulting in the repelling of mice or rats.

Knowing that Pest Free USA has pest repeller electronic solutions must bring music to the ears of anyone in the U.S. suffering from a mice invasion. Of course, if we wish to avoid using some of the more deadly methods of dealing with these undesirable rodents in our home, it would make sense to get in touch with this expert in rodent-repelling systems. Having said that, folk who still want to learn about the different kinds of home-made devices used by people in a rodent infestation panic may want to look at the following:

  1. Spin the bottle or can trap
  2. Swinging lid trap
  3. Bottleneck trap
  4. Shoebox trap
  5. Glass balanced on a coin trap


Apart from the many homeowners using home-made mouse trapping contraptions in order to avoid utilising some of the horrific execution devices on the market today, lots of people in such a situation also look to save money. But although it might be true to say that home remedy mouse traps are appealing to the penny pinchers with a rodent infestation problem, there are other options that might be something these guys would be interested in.

Indeed, anyone that has read articles about the alternatives for dealing with mouse infestation problems will be aware of the systems that use an electromagnetic pulse in the clients’ home wiring to repel mice from their nest.

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