Main Effects Of CBD Drinks

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Main Effects Of CBD Drinks

A significant number of people that use CBD  claim it is for health benefits. Many people are turning to CBD-infused beverages, edibles, capsules, and oils. We can agree that there is no shortage of ways to ingest CBD. With each different form of the product comes varying potency and effectiveness.

The main question here is how effective are the infused beverages when it comes to the effects. With THC, the psychotropic high is one of the significant signs of its ingestion. What about CBD?

How Are CBD-Infused Drinks Made?

Contrary to common belief, you do not need an advanced lab to make CBD drinks. In the case of an enormous production company, there is a need for labs, certifications, standardization, and several other processes. The recipe for making an infused beverage at home starts with some CBD oil or powder. Either of the two gets added to the liquid of your choice, and you have your infused drink.

As mentioned, the process is the same but stricter for large producers. First, they have to determine which hemp flowers they will use. A number of these companies outsource the hemp production part of the business. They seek a certified company already producing hemp and get their supply.

After the sourcing, it is crucial to note that CBD does not dissolve in water. It is only soluble in fats, so there must be an added process. The typical steps include decarboxylating the buds by exposing them to a specific heat level. The decarbed buds are then mixed in with oil and heated to ensure that the compound dissolves in the oil.

When the substance is ready, the CBD is in the oil. These companies then proceed to add the concentrated cannabinoid into various processing stages. We get water, juices, tea bags, coffee, beer, wine, and so much more through their production processes. Even companies like Zolt sell concentrated powders so users can mix their drinks.

Comprehensively, the making of these infusions only requires a few steps. The most important thing to note is that the extraction of CBD and the bud’s quality will influence the drink’s quality. 

What Are The Effects Of Consuming CBD Beverages?

Most people go into a frenzy looking up CBD drinks near me without fully understanding what they do. Not all infused products are the same. The individual’s tolerance levels and the ingested potency are the main determinants of the impact.

With CBD drinks effects, users report them as less potent than when using edibles and oils. Despite this, they have some benefits due to the individual properties of cannabidiol. Here are some of the expected effects.

Aids Digestion Processes

Besides hydrating the body and making digestion easier, the beverages help with certain digestive conditions. The CBD-infused drinks work by reducing inflammation which is helpful for individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Drinking the infused water is healthy even for people that do not have digestive conditions.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

CBD in managing stress and anxiety is one of the top benefits. After drinking the beverages, users report a sense of calmness and relaxation. Though the doses are not suitable to help with severe anxiety, the drinks taken with edibles or capsules are helpful. The infused beverages are ideal for people with stress and anxiety that is not too severe.

It Provides The Body With An Energy Boost

The best CBD drinks provide the body with a much-needed energy boost. The concentration of the cannabidiol is just enough to offer the same. Most drinks have about 20mg to 30mg of CBD. Others exceed 30mg. If you want an energy boost, go for infused energy drinks. They contain other energy-boosting ingredients.

It Helps With Sleep Problems

The intersection between infused drinks and sleep issues is a significant part of ongoing studies. Doctors recommend as low as 10mg of the cannabinoid before bed to help with sleeping problems. How it works is that it relieves the stresses and anxieties of the day.

The outcome is that the individual is relaxed and can sleep faster. Infused drinks are efficient because they contain significant amounts of CBD and, in some cases, other sedating additives. You will likely find some with chamomile, ginger, and more natural additives.

Insight Into The CBD Drinks Market

Compared to the larger CBD market, the infused drinks are relatively new. An analysis of the market trends of the drinks shows an increase in demand and profits. Global News Wire reports that in 2020 the infused drinks market was worth  $3,400 million. They cite two main aspects to back their evaluation for increased revenue by 2026.

One, they believe the industry’s growth is due to the certification and authorization of CBD drinks. They secondly argue that users are turning away from smoking due to increased respiratory problems. The users are more likely to embrace alternative uses that do not risk their health.

Following the continued rise, they estimate that the infused drinks industry will have grown to $14,600 million by 2026. Admittedly, the sector is attracting huge production names. They are investing in various parts of the process, making it a lucrative venture. Some well-known names include Cannabiniers, G & Juice, Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth Corporation, and more.

Each corporation produces its unique touch of infused drinks. Some make sparkling water; others make juices, powders, energy drinks, beers, and wine. Regardless of the beverages in production, the demand is still high for all of them. Users are becoming more aware of the benefits of safe ingestion methods for CBD products.

There is a note of caution when it comes to the use of infused alcoholic drinks. Researchers have yet to decipher the full effects of CBD and alcohol. For users who take these products, it is better to take them in small amounts. Also, while taking infused alcoholic drinks, avoiding other infused products such as edibles is advisable.

CBD-Infused Drinks And The Sports Industry

The legalization of CBD opened a lot of opportunities for the market. For one, it was no longer a prohibited substance, according to WADA. Its legalization meant that athletes and trainees could use it without any consequences. It is no wonder that there are athletes that are admitting to using infused beverages. Others are going as far as investing in the production of drinks.

Sports professionals agree that CBD drinks are helpful for athletes. Their way of life exposes them to pain and injuries. Considering that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it is only suitable for athletes to partake in the drinks. On top of relieving pain, the drinks help them with sleep problems, reduce their anxiety, and boost their energy.

At first, there were restrictions on the use of cannabidiol in fear that it may be a performance-enhancing drug. WADA bases its prohibition criteria on whether a drug enhances performance, risks the health of the athletes, and ruins the spirit of sports competitions. The fact that CBD is not on the list anymore means they ascent to it not being a performance enhancer or a risk to athletes.

In 2020, Klay Thompson, Alex Morgan, Travis Pastrana, and Paul Rodriguez started Just Live CBD. This company produces infused drinks and other products. The athletes from different leagues came together to pursue their passion for making CBD a trusted alternative medication.

Another great name in the industry is Terell Davis. The pro footballer who won two Super Bowls retired by coming up with Defy. Defy produces hemp CBD drinks that are sports beverages. The continuous support from athletes who attest to the healing properties of infused drinks is one of the facilitators for the market’s continued growth.


Once ingested, what do CBD drinks do to your body? Like any other infused product, the drinks bring about a relaxing sensation. They also help with issues such as pain and fatigue. The potency of the beverages may not be at par with that of joints and edibles, but it is significant enough. There are a variety of drinks to choose from in the market. For those that prefer hot beverages, we have teas and coffees. As water, there is the option of sparkling and plain infused water. There are also energy drinks, alcoholic ones, and juices.

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