Essential Signs That Your Workplace Needs A Repaint

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Whether you work in an office or any other type of workplace, there eventually comes a time when you need to think about a revamp. This is even more important if customers visit your workplace. If you are wondering when the right time is for some redecoration, here are a few signs to help you.

Essential Signs That Your Workplace Needs A Repaint:

Peeling Wallpaper:

Peeling Wallpaper

If your office is wallpapered and there are air bubbles appearing, or the corners are starting to peel away from the wall, this is a sure sign that renovation is needed. You might want to select a different wallpaper design, or even do away with it altogether and use paint instead. Any commercial premises where the customer is in attendance should always be well-maintained, and an office refit is not as expensive as you might think.

Fading Paintwork:

No matter how good the quality of the paint used in your workplace, it will deteriorate over time. If it reaches the point when a comment is made, then it is time to give your workplace that much-needed facelift. Fortunately, there are painters & decorators in the Gold Coast, and they have a wealth of experience in redecorating commercial premises. Long periods of direct sunlight can quickly cause furniture and carpets to fade, and this will give a shabby appearance, which you certainly don’t want.

Stains on the Ceilings:

This can certainly put off any potential customer, and if you do notice damp patches on the ceiling, this is likely caused by a leaking roof, then you should take a wall paint test first and investigate immediately. Repainting your workplace offers a great chance to improve the appearance, and you might, for example, wish to use your company colors when repainting, which will enhance your branding. There is also an interesting article on the benefits of an office renovation, which looks into a boost in production, among other things.

Drop-in Employee Morale:

There are many things that can affect the attitude of your employees, and if they are working in a drab and dullish setting, this is likely to have a negative impact on general workforce morale. You could always ask your employees what colors they might prefer, and research shows that people are more productive when in pleasant surroundings. Getting your staff involved in the office décor brings with it other benefits, as the workers feel their opinion is valued, and consequently, they will bond together better as a team.

Scuff Marks on the Floors:

If not removed, scuffs and stains on your flooring will generally make the environment look a little dull, and by selecting luxury vinyl or laminate, you could have the floors replaced with very durable and long-lasting material. Your flooring also needs to be safe, and if your employees are working in a wet environment, such as in a factory or warehouse, it is essential to have safe flooring.

As the boss, you should take a good look at the workspace, and if you find something lacking, contact a commercial painter & decorator, who can help you create something that will boost production.

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