My Experience With Paint And Wine Nights in San Jose, CA

Artby Ariana Smith06 October 2018

paint and wine san jose

For quite some time paint and wine San Jose, parties have never been more popular in the US. Seemingly, now it’s a norm whenever you log into social media, you see pictures of your friends, acquaintances, and family members boldly showing off their latest art masterpieces.

To keep up with the new trend, I decided to attend the event with a friend.

Through my independent search on the internet, I settled for Vino artists and booked a class with them. Their website clearly stated that I require no experience in painting to be part and parcel of the paint and wine San Jose during their events.

Paint and Wine San Jose

Paint and Wine

Paint and wine in San Jose was popular in the US but after a period of time, it became their standard. They are launching a cocktail party including a paintbrush each day. Also, they make an inspiring atmosphere to help us to discover our inner artist.

They also hold a variety of several projects and a bit of wine to cherish.  We can also reserve our seats at their public parties in their studio or town. We can do parties or celebrate special occasions in San Jose.

Paint and Sip San Jose

There are many Paint and Sip San Jose such as Canvas and Cafe, Artist Center, Valley Painting Parties, etc. They are not our basic paint and sip, they lead in the discovery of various art forms. Bottega Campbell and Bottle go ahead of your standard paint and sips turn.

Here are the things I have learned in San Jose

1. Don’t be scared

The very first thing I noted about the class was the atmosphere. It was fun, calm and relaxed, filled with a good number of people looking forward to having a good time. A canvas, paints, and brushes were already set on my space the moment I arrived.

Admittedly, I was scared and nervous probably more than everybody else. I attributed this to my experience in the art class in college which hadn’t been the best. To remember vividly, the last time I did any painting was half a decade ago in a college painting class.

My lecturer was lenient enough to grade me with a C- accompanied by these words of encouragement:   “This just isn’t for you.”  So I probably tagged along with my emotional baggage and negative ability when I stepped into the class.

Moments later the evening instructor said hi and confirmed to me not to worry about my zero experience because these classes were basically for painting beginners.

He handed over my brushes to me; interestingly they had easy-to-remember names such as Thick brush and a thin brush. He then directed me to the canvas, which had clear instructions besides it on what to do and how to go about it. That day the whole class was to paint the “sunset”

To learn more about the types of paint brushes click here.

2. If you are adventurous you can pick colors of your choice or entirely paint something different

pick colors

At this moment I poured myself a glass of wine and pulled my stool close to that of my friend to have a chit-chat while painting.

The instructors stepped forward onto the stage situated in front of the class, played some cool jazz music and started painting. Everybody followed his steps, except for the adventurous students who chose to paint something entirely different.

The studio’s tables were covered with white paper, so I chose to mix my paints directly onto it. To my surprise the instructor encouraged us to mix on the table, constantly reminding us that there is a staff that would take care of all the cleaning afterward, except for my hands, t-shirt, and jeans.

3. Put on outfits that you won’t mind having some few streaks of paint on

During my painting, I used the thick brush in order to make wider strokes, and whenever I dipped its brittle into the water, some dripping paints occasionally landed on my trouser and t-shirt. Meanwhile, our instructor kept walking across the room while dishing out advises, particularly, “Don’t be afraid to use more paints”

4. Never hesitate to ask for help

ask for help

Vito artist paint and wine San Jose class were so fulfilling; the instructor kept encouraging us to ask questions in order to get the best out of the lesson. For instance, he helped my friend recover from the mistakes he incurred while painting and this was only possible because he never hesitated to ask for help.

While the class was in progress, I constantly kept sipping my glass of wine while jamming to the music until we were finally done and posed for a groupie.

I boldly and proudly posed with my finished painting and quickly uploaded it on Facebook just like the rest of the trendsetters. In fact, am still planning on how to hang it in my apartment. But probably at the far end of the hallway; because my Vito artist instructor told me, even a great masterpiece looks much better from a few feet away.

Follow this link to learn about the common mistakes people make while painting.


Paint and wine San Jose parties might not have much creativity, but they give some level of fun and social life. Those who take part enjoy them because it’s awesome to hang out with pals and create something. Their website clearly stated that I require no experience in painting to be part and parcel of the paint and wine San Jose Company during their events.

Paint and wine San Jose starting a cocktail party including a paintbrush each day. They also make an exciting atmosphere to help us to explore our inner artists. It’s an awesome place to hang out with your friends and explore something new and adventurous. It was a fun, calm, and relaxed atmosphere with a good number of people all around.

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