Fat Burning Treatments And Services

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Fat-Burning Treatments

Compared to homemakers who are mainly looking after their families, most working women lead a very hectic life. In addition to cooking and doing their daily chores, most working women have to work on their job or for customers for at least eight hours daily.

This leaves them with very little time and energy to exercise regularly, closely monitoring their diet to ensure that they only eat nutritious food or diet. Hence remaining slim is a significant problem for most working women, who find that they cannot fit into their favorite clothes after they gain weight. So what is the solution? Simple regular exercise or fat-burning treatments.

We all know that exercise is a little bit of a time taking process. So it is better to go for fat-burning treatments and procedures. You will get your desired figure without investing time and sweat.

4 Things You Must Check Before Taking The Fat Burning Treatment Services

4 Things You Must Check Before Taking The Fat Burning Treatment Services

Realizing that a large number of women in Singapore are finding it difficult to lose weight using conventional weight loss methods due to their hectic daily schedule, Dorra’s products and services were specially formulated to help busy women lose unwanted inches around their lower bodies within an hour. 

More details of these fat-burning treatments and weight loss services products or weight loss tactics are provided below.

1. Overview

In most women, fat accumulates on the hips, thighs, and stomach (tummy), making it difficult to wear many of the fashionable clothes. 

Most conventional treatments involve using weight loss pills, crash diets, injections, and surgery, which have side effects and are expensive. Hence working women are interested in a non-invasive slimming treatment that will give quick results. 

The slimming fat burning treatments involve and use the fat burning technology so that the person undergoing treatment will usually find that her waist or other areas which are being treated are reduced by 5 cm.

2. Consultancy

They realize that most women are not comfortable with male staff for medical and healthcare services. A beauty service provider has only women staff attending to the customers. 

To ensure that every customer gets the best fat burning treatments, a body composition analysis of the customer is done which provides information on the body fat, salt, and water content of the body. The consultant will then advise the client on the analysis of how the client’s parameters differ from standard levels. She will also explain why fat accumulates in specific parts of the body.

3. Treatment

The slimming fat burning treatments involve massaging ampoules containing peptides into the part of the body where fat has accumulated using an infrared roller. The peptides break down the fat cells, and the reduction in the waist size is visible after the session is complete, in thirty minutes or less. 

Additionally, an ampoule is applied to reduce cellulite. One of the major benefits of the treatment is that it is non-invasive and only causes a slight body ache, similar to what is experienced after a rigorous workout. 

The customer is asked to drink a lot of water so that the fat cells which are destroyed by the treatment are expelled from the body. Customers who undergo additional treatment have lost more than 10 kg of weight.

4. Products

In addition to the fat-burning treatments, some highly effective products which help in fat burning, detox, eliminating waste, and reducing water retention are available. The specific type of tea contains antioxidants, which help in boosting the metabolism of fat helping in weight loss. Other products include an essence drink and cellulite control product.


If you like to go for the fat-burning treatments in Singapore, you have to check these factors. Because Singapore is the hub of beauty treatment, you will get multiple options. But you can take the service from the market’s best fat-burning treatments. Once you are going through the check factors of the slimming service providers. Then you can select the right service provider company within seconds. Are you planning to go for the fat-burning treatments? Share your experiences in the comment sections.

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