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Photographyby Arnab Dey15 March 2023

Headshot Photographer

GORNPHOTO is more than just quality headshots. It is without exaggeration a mirror of the soul for everyone who falls into the lens of the talented Lev Gorn.

More than 20 years of experience in various areas of the film and entertainment industry have formed the basis of the innovative concept of portrait photography. If an actor is really interested in good roles, he needs an NYC Headshot Photographer – Lev Gorn.

The multifaceted Lev Gorn

Actor in half a hundred films and TV series, Emmy Award winner. Director of short and full-length films. A gourmet chef with exquisite taste. A health-conscious lifestyle enthusiast and an incorrigible romantic. And the most popular headshot photographer in New York.

Lev Gorn once again confirms that a talented person is successful in any endeavor, thanks to a special vision of the world around him. He is not trying to break the system, nor to swim in the flow of fashion trends, but simply acts as his heart dictates, sincerely creating beauty around him.

best headshot photographer in New York

GORNPHOTO: art on both sides of the lens

Why is Lev Gorn considered the best headshot photographer in New York? The answer is simple and complex at the same time. He’s been through a huge school of filming in movies and TV series, having gone through all the intricacies of working on camera. He knows what it’s like to hold his gaze in the light of bright spotlights, portrays equanimity in the most intricate poses, and spend hours repeating the same movements, achieving the desired result.

That is why his approach is devoid of most of the standard “mockery” of the model, as well as superficiality and conveyorized.

When hiring Lev Gorn as a photographer for headshots in New York, you should expect:

  • an individual approach to each model as a person rather than an object of photography;
  • consideration of the ideas and wishes of the client;
  • Creating a unique photo story with the selection of light, costume, and makeup;
  • accompaniment in the frame from the first to the last minute without unnatural poses and emotions.

A quality headshot portfolio is a pass to audition for a life-changing role. Beautiful portraits are taken by hundreds of photographers, but most of them blend into a gray mass, not revealing the actor’s personality. It is impossible to discern a person from such photos, only a standard pretty face.

A portfolio from GORNPHOTO doesn’t embellish or change an actor according to fashion trends. But it shows the uniqueness of the person, his or her zest. A good headshot photographer sees the essence of his model and skillfully conveys it in the photo. Thanks to this casting team at a glance it is clear whether the applicant meets the type and image of the hero or not.

Gorn’s photographs attract, make you hold your gaze for a moment longer, to feel the character, to go deeper into his image. Art is on the verge of magic but without a hint of fraud. Only the experience and look of a master.

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