How 360-Degree Product Photography Can Boost E-Commerce Sales

Photography by  Sumona 22 November 2022

360-Degree Product Photography

E-commerce as a business venture and technology have advanced phenomenally in the recent past. From unique designs to minimalist frames, anything and everything can attract a potential customer.

360-degree photography is one such addition that can up your digital marketing game. A website is the first impression of your business and its motive.

As an eCommerce business, we depend highly on digital marketing strategies, internet trends, and scouting our target audience all over the globe. Plus, we have tasted our fair share of trial-and-error methods when it comes to the trendiest product placement.

It is safe to say that 360-degree photography stood out the most!

What Is 360-Degree Product Photography?

In simple terms, 360-degree product photography is exactly how it sounds. It is where the product is turnable through either touch or mouse cursor. This means your customer will be able to get a 360 view of the product, making it look almost live and 3D.

What Is 360-Degree Product Photography?

The technicality of clicking such a picture will require pro-editing, photography skills, and a rotating object. However, we would suggest, with all the other planning, you leave the production part to the pros of content creation platform StylePhotos.

360-Degree Photography For Driving Sales

Here is how this concept of ‘almost making your image feel like a live presentation’ can hike your sales.

360-Degree Photography For Driving Sales

1. More Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority when you have an eCommerce business. The biggest challenge we faced as an eCommerce business only navigating in cyberspace is making a good impression, since we were unable to meet our customers directly, especially during the Covid lockdown.

Thus, the task of a good impression and trust building fell into the hands of digital technology. 360-degree product placement was an aid because it showed credibility. Even if you are someone starting a small business, get an eCommerce website, and place products in this design.

They help your customer to test the look of the product beforehand. Analyze the size, and frame their expectancy on delivery. This has significantly decreased our return rates in the past few months.

2. Website Attraction Is Equal To Website Engagement

360-degree image placement as a concept is very interesting for any viewer. Especially if you have the niche for it. Not only can your customers zoom in without the image pixelation, but they can also check through every corner and crevice to ensure the product’s visual appeal is up to mark.

This automatically increases brand attraction, which can lead to more website engagement. Moreover, if you hire the correct production team, they can ensure the right product placement.

The experience is almost like touching the product virtually. If it reaches the right target audience, it will be difficult for them to fight the temptation of ordering. Needless to say, sales had a prominent hike after we introduced this 360-degree product photography.

3. A Niche Superiority

Uniqueness is not something you can always strive for. No matter how much you can try to make the idea, the product, and the campaign one of a kind; it is almost impossible to come up with something never tried before.

There are millions of eCommerce websites out there, so when we had the urgency to make everything ‘Unique’ rather than focusing on changing the product, we focussed on changing the presentation.

It worked wonders because you offer something your competitors aren’t. Maybe they have the same product on their website, but seeing it in 2D and 3D significantly affects a buyer’s psyche.

Niches Best For Exploring 360-Degree Photography

As an eCommerce business that takes marketing through aesthetics very seriously, you should try this new 360-degree photography. Although it can go with any product, some of the pioneer niches which can benefit from this product placement trend are:

Niches Best For Exploring 360-Degree Photography
  • Shoes: The reason why there are many who still prefer offline stores over online for this product is that they want to see it thoroughly. What could be more thorough than a 360-degree placement?
  • Fashion: Most importantly, clothes and accessories. For the same reason listed above for the shoes.
  • Cars: A 360-degree product placement for both exteriors and interiors.
  • Furniture: Because everyone wants to see the back of the sofa before buying any.



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