Preparing Your Newborn for First Photoshoot

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Baby’s First Photoshoot

Newborns are undeniably adorable, and as parents, it’s hard to resist not taking photographs. Due to the popularity of social media platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest, many parents take it to the next level when it comes to showing off their beautiful babies. They would hire a local photographer specializing in newborn photography to take photos of their little ones. Planning for your baby’s first photoshoot is fun and exciting.

Unlike working with adults, taking photographs of newborns can be challenging, both for parents and the photographer. In some cases, the children are being uncooperative and cranky. Baby Luna Musa, for example, has gone viral because she was given a full mood as her dad would describe as “mean-mugging” in her photos that still turned out to be charming.

To make your baby’s first photo session more convenient,

Here are five tips to help you prepare your baby’s first photoshoot:

Make the Appointment with the Photographer Early

If you’ve been thinking of having your baby’s photos taken professionally, it’s best to talk to a photographer ahead of time. It is ideal to set an appointment anytime during your second trimester so your photographer can easily adjust his or her schedule once your baby arrives. Newborn photographers recommend doing the photoshoot when your baby is between four to 10 days old. Babies 11 days and older tend to become more fidgety and struggle to settle in during a shoot.

Mind the Temperature

baby photoshoot

Babies are often naked during the photoshoot(baby’s first photoshoot). It’s important to keep them warm to maintain their body temperature. If you’re having the photo session in summer, lower the air conditioning in your home. Meanwhile, increase the heat if it will be in winter. Babies should feel cozy and comfortable during the entire session. Otherwise, they will be fussy the entire time.

Select the Right Outfit

outfit of baby

In the last few years, parents have not shied away from experimenting in terms of children’s clothes. This is why, if you want to make your baby’s photoshoot a memorable one, you should opt for a biggie onesie. This piece of clothing is something that would help create a fun and engaging photoshoot theme for your new born baby.

Choosing the clothes your baby will wear during the photoshoot is exciting. Although studios have everything you would need during the shoot, including costumes, decors, and props, you can still bring your own. Choose clothes with soft, neutral colors to avoid diverting the focus of the photo away from your baby.

Some parents would also bring an heirloom accessory and ask the photographer to incorporate them in the photographs. It also helps to inform your photographer about it beforehand so he or she can plan the photo.

Feed Your Child Before the Session

Feeding your baby right before the photoshoot makes him or her sleepy. Your baby might even drift off into a deep sleep, making the session run smoothly. Your photographer will likely give you time to feed your baby in between shots if needed. Make sure to bring your baby’s formula or breast milk that is enough for the entire session.

Keep Your Baby Awake Before the Photoshoot Begins

baby awake for photoshoot

Your baby will likely be tired when the session starts when you keep him or her awake before it begins. You may play with them and distract them. The schedule of the photoshoot should be time your child usually takes a nap.

Planning for your baby’s first photoshoot is fun and exciting. You need to be patient, however, because the session could last from two to four hours, depending on how your baby will behave. Expect to change your baby’s nappy and blanket from time to time so your baby will feel relaxed and comfortable. Knowing how you can prepare for such an activity, makes it more convenient for you, your baby, and the photographer.

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