Home Renovation: Ways to Save Money

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah02 December 2019

Home Renovation

Most homeowners in Orem, Utah, are afraid of remodeling their old base mentor outdated kitchen. This is because basement-remodeling projects are well-know for being budget-breakers. Don’t let this fear hinder you from adding comfort and beauty to your home. Home renovations are costly. But you can start your home renovation while on a budget.

Here’s how you can start your home renovation while on a budget:

1.Reface, don’t replace

The easiest method to save on renovation costs is to work with your existing fixtures. Do not get rid of everything if you don’t want to break your renovation budget. When doing a kitchen renovation, do not replace the whole cabinet. You might be spending 50% of your total budget for a kitchen makeover in purchasing new cabinets.

How do you reface cabinets?

  • Refinish existing cabinets and paint drawer fronts
  • Put laminate veneer or install new wood on cabinetry
  • Install new handles and doors
  • Sand or stain the cabinet interior for a new look

Another option to refurbish your old cabinets is to reconfigure it into open shelving. But keep in mind that you should only save household essentials that are still functional. Do not try to re-front cabinets that are worn out; otherwise, you’ll end up spending more.

2. Love the pre-loved:

Many auctions offer unbelievably cheap deals on quality materials. If you are lucky, you can find a variety of lumber in a cabinet maker’s retirement auction at a meager price. Local garage sales are excellent sources for pre-loved items that are still functional and in good condition. Second-hand products are not necessarily substandard; most of the time, they are smart finds.

3. Sweat for sweet savings:

Save on workforce cost by using your DIY skills in doing small jobs and completing the renovation tasks that do not require professional skills. You can do simple demolition like removing cabinetry and pulling up the old carpet. If you have the time and excellent craftsmanship, you can paint your home’s interior with the help of some friends or family members. If you are confident that you can get the same result through DIY, you can forget about paying $2000-$3000 to an experienced painter. Be careful not to experiment on doing jobs that require licensed contractors like plumbing, gas-fitting, and electrical works.

4. Buy now, save later:

Always remember that your goal is to get long term savings. Thus, you need to invest in products that are durable, timeless, and energy-efficient. Choose household items and building supplies that require low maintenance.

5. Wait before you shop:

Another great way to maximize your savings is to wait for a home store or warehouse sales. Year-end sales, holiday deals, end of season promotions mean significant savings but need more patience. Yes, you can’t wait to complete your renovation project, but do not allow your impatience to get in your way of getting good bargains. Research on the trend so that you know the best time to make big purchases.

Upgrading your home into a more pleasant and comfortable living space will cost you money. If you’re on a budget, these things will ensure that you don’t get broke while giving your home a makeover.

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