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Two-Tier Countertop

The kitchen is an invaluable and integral part of any home. Some homeowners consider it the heart of their home. This is usually where people meet during meetings, discuss the highlights of the day, cook a few meals, and, if space allows, have their meals together. But benches don’t look great in the kitchen, where the island comes into play.

Adding an island to the kitchen design provides extra storage for cooking utensils and can even make great additional countertop additions such as a sink, shelving, stove top, wine cooler, etc. That’s a lot of conveniences, isn’t it? Well, it might be even better with a two-tier kitchen island.

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A two-tier countertop is built like a traditional island, with a countertop and a second level often used for dining. Typically, one level is the counter length (42 inches), and the other is the counter height (36 inches).

Having a separate seat is useful for people to meet often, and it’s great for casual dining too. Plus, it separates the kitchen area from the dining area while adding some visual interest.

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Tips To Consider For Building A Two-Tier Countertop:


1. Seating arrangements

Two-tier countertops can be a good addition to any kitchen. A two-tier kitchen island with seating is the perfect choice for a family who likes dining room style. So they need to create enough seating to accommodate all the members.

They can skip all the formalities and enjoy their meal on the two-tier kitchen island with additional seating. Some homeowners may not use the second tier with supplemental seating, but for the most part, seating is an all-inclusive feature for any two-tier kitchen countertop project.

2. Don’t skip the storage

A standard kitchen island should simply have storage space. Storage space not only stores cooking essentials and ingredients, but it can also enhance the aesthetics of the space. For example, imagine a split-level kitchen island with a white quartz countertop and wood-based cabinets for storage.

Base cabinets can be a darker color than the countertop, match the floor, or mirror the ceiling. Here homeowners can experiment with different shades to create a matching or sharp contrast with the color of the two-tier countertop.

3. Raised island with built-in table

Since modern apartments often have less space, kitchen islands with built-in countertop tables are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners can optimize their space by connecting the dining table with the kitchen island counter.

On the other hand, a dining-high addition to the island counter often serves as an informal dining area in larger settings. This is a great breakfast table if homeowners don’t like sitting on a bar stool at breakfast or if they have small children at home.

4. Breakfast bar

A two-tier kitchen island is perfect for entertaining guests in a home. The lower edge of the countertop should be the same height as the kitchen countertop, typically 36 inches, so it can be used for food prep and cooking. The countertop must be adjusted to a height of 42 inches to function as a bar or pantry.

Ensure the bar counter is at least 12 inches tall to allow enough leg room and space for a bar stool when not in use. Make a bold statement by using contrasting colors for their bar counter or choosing a contrasting color finish for their base cabinets.

How To Make The Kitchen Island Stand Out:

Kitchen Island

1. Play with colors

Homeowners can install cabinets of different colors. They can choose from a variety of colors to create a match or contrast with the countertop or other kitchen elements.

The kitchen island doesn’t have to be so understated! Homeowners can paint their cabinets a light color or simply choose a stain or color that will contrast with their cabinets and make their island stand out.

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2. Choose an aged finish

One technique to achieve a furniture style is to use worn finishes. For example, homeowners can create a kitchen island that looks like an antique using a traditional paint color.

Traditional colors add a nice contrast to new kitchens and add a warm vibe to the space.

3. Make it the central workspace.

Homeowners can integrate a stove or a sink on the surface of their two-tier countertop. They can also add a small refrigerator or dishwasher to their island. It can be as practical as homeowners want to add aesthetic value to their new kitchen.

What’s the visual impact? The stove or appliance placed on the countertop will become the focal element in the kitchen. This needs to be done by planning as the appliance on the countertop will affect the kitchen’s aesthetics.

4. Add a bar

Homeowners who love to enjoy drinks in their homes can use the two-tier bar countertop. The idea of creating a bar is great for people who want to spend time with friends or family while enjoying their drinks. They should add comfortable stools or chairs according to the countertop height to allow guests and family members to sit comfortably.

5. Focus on storage

Homeowners, who want to use the kitchen countertop as a workspace, may want to include storage space on the island. The amount of storage space homeowners can create is determined by the size of their kitchen island.

However, when planning a new kitchen, consider how much storage space is required and whether or not the new kitchen island should be part of the storage solution. Adding the storage space would not improve the kitchen aesthetics, but it will certainly improve its efficiency!


Two-tier countertops can be a great addition to kitchens with an island. Although the idea of a two-tier kitchen counter is not popular, homeowners who prefer it can easily enhance the visual appeal and enjoy the comfort in their kitchen.

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