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Internet Videos Downloader Tools

The web is made up of many independently operated sites and networks. It is fully distributed to ensure end-to-end connectivity within every network to communicate with any device. Nothing like this was ever built up until the 1990s.

The idea is to share information that you have with others and vice versa. It is a powerful motivator to share knowledge which results in millions of applications being developed.

In today’s world, you cannot escape contact from the internet or its use, so why not use it to your advantage to further skills, knowledge, and ideas.

What is a video downloader?

Internet Videos Downloader Tools

Many forums exist on the internet, which shares knowledge through videos. The videos available are countless and topics unlimited. Anything you want to know about anything in the world is available to you in videos on these platforms. These videos can also be downloaded using a video downloader.

These videos available have different formats. Similarly, the videos downloader available varies. A video downloader provides you with the opportunity to download videos for free on the device of your choice.

What is the purpose of a video downloader?

Usually, we are connected to the internet and fetch the required data while online. However, it sometimes is not possible, and we may find the need to have videos available to us offline. That is where the downloaders come in use. This video downloader can save the videos on our choice to the devices we use, to get them while being offline.

How does it work?

For the videos we want to download we can copy the URL and paste in the downloader. The downloader then reads the URL and downloads the video to the folder we assign the downloads to. That way, we can save videos and utilize them whenever we want regardless of internet connectivity.

Let’s review some of the popular video sites and the downloaders:


YouTubeIt is a leading site containing videos on every subject known to mankind? All types of people can visit this site and can find videos on their relevant subject. Students use this site to create papers, get help with homework. Professionals find videos related to their work and how to improve it. Every topic you can imagine has thousands of videos against it for you to view and gain from.

Many people have their livelihood attached to YouTube, and they make money creating content on the site. The number of visits to that video determines the amount the creator gets for the content. There are numerous apps available to download YouTube videos such as:


FacebookFacebook is the most famous social networking platform and is the most trafficked site. It contains data of all sorts that also includes videos. You can share videos on Facebook hosted on other sites as well. Live videos are hosted on Facebook, along with videos from other courses.

Facebook does not offer an option of video downloader but just save within the Facebook account. So to download videos from the site, you need other tools. There are many applications available to download Facebook videos on your device of choice. Some of which include:

  • Video Downloader for Facebook
  • FastVid
  • MyVideoDownloader for Facebook

Vimeo Video Downloader: You can add a download extension to your browser to download directly from Vimeo or use an application available separately.


InstagramInstagram is another very popular networking site that consists of videos as well as photos. Instagram does not offer an option to download videos. However, tools are available to  Video downloader online are available to get the videos posted on Instagram such as

  • Ins Hand
  • Insta Video Downloader

Daily Motion:

Daily Motion is another videos-based forum. Similar to YouTube, you can find videos on varying topics on daily motion. Downloaders available for this site are:

  • Daily motion downloader
  • Downloader for DailyMotion

To cut down the hassle and go on different forums to find the targeted apps, you can simply also use smallseotools online video downloader site where you can go and find all the relevant downloaders under one umbrella. This free video downloader is available on the given site, which allows you to make real-time downloads videos.

Purpose of various downloader:

One can imagine the big data available on the internet can be tapped by the click of a button, but why get into the hassle of multiple downloading apps for each platform. There are a few reasons for that. One of the data hosted on each site may have a different format. Not all videos available have the same format. Downloader quality is another reason. There are multiple apps for every site, but each has a different quality of the download. You can check the quality you choose your download to be in. Adding a free application is another reason.

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