How To Make Vaporized Juice With Wax

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Vaporized Juice With Wax

The meaning of the term Vape Juice is quite simple, it’s basically the extract of vapors created from the plant Vaporizers. The extract is usually extracted in a heat source, such as a microwave, or by pressurized steam, however, in this article, we will be concentrating on the method by which the extract is made without a heat source. This article is aimed at helping people who are interested in learning how to make their very own Vape Juice, or even making it available for public consumption. I hope that by reading through this you will have learned a bit more about the process.

Some vaporizers can only be heated using a microwave


You will need the following materials; A NFused glass jar, A NFused sugar bowl, A NFused electric bottle opener, A NFused rubber ring, A NFused measuring cup, An FDA approved food seal, and a heat-resistant non-stick mixing bowl set, Your first step is to take into consideration your heating source. Some vaporizers can only be heated using a microwave while others may be able to be heated using the stovetop. You will also need to consider where your bottle will go inside your glass jar. If you are using a glass jar, you will need to ensure that it will fit securely into the jar. It may be best to place it in a pan of hot water to ensure it is fully submerged into the water. If using a stainless steel bottle, you will need to ensure that it fits perfectly into the jar.

Once these items are ready, you are now ready to get started. Place all of your ingredients into your mixing bowl and begin to stir the ingredients together. Do this until the ingredients completely blend together. When this has been done you will need to remove your NFused material and place it into the heatproof bowl on top of your NFused plant matter. Place the cannabis in the bottom of the NFused material and the sugar into the top of the cannabis.

take your freshly mixed Wax Liquid and place

When this is done place your NFused material into the heating material and place it into your Ziploc bag. You will then take your freshly mixed wax liquidizer and place it into your pre-soaked glass jars. Make sure that you have placed your NFused active ingredient into the glass jars before you seal them. The reason for this is that the heat from your Ziploc bag will melt the NFused into the wax. Allow your jars to sit for about four to five hours and then wash them with warm water.

To create your own NFused, you will need to remove your active ingredient from the liquidizer. Your nicotine-free juice will be produced if you place your cannabis in a glass jar with your NFused wax in the bottom. Your NFused should have been sitting for at least three weeks prior to the start of your Vapes. Once your NFused has been formed to place it into the pre-soaked glass jars and then place it into your Ziploc bags. The process of forming your own cannabis into NFused will be a bit different than producing normal cannabis.

First, you will want to cut your cannabis into quarter-inch pieces. Next, you will want to crush it up using a mortar and pestle. Once you have done this you will want to wrap it individually with parchment paper. Do not forget to place the parchment paper over the glass jar to keep the NFused from evaporating into the air. If you do not do this your NFused will be solid and it will not have the same potency as homemade cannabis.

You will know when your NFused is ready to use by looking for two very clear and distinct stains on the glass. These two colors will be the resins used to seal the NFused and help it work properly. This is how to make vaporized juice with wax that tastes good. If you do not see these two colors on your NFused then you may have already created a bad thing with the amount of heat the glass was subjected to while being melted. Try your best to not overheat your glass.

Now that you know how to make vaporized juice with wax you can start experimenting with different varieties of strains and types of fruits. There is no end to the varieties of fruits you can grow or experiment with. You will also be able to get much more out of your NFused if you try different fruit varieties. Experimenting is half the fun of learning how to make juice with wax.

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