6 Medical Apps To Take Care Of Your Well-beingṣ

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Medical Apps

In today’s gen, it appears almost impossible to survive without apps and software. From maps to ordering in food- there are endless things our phones and laptops can do for us. Even in the case of medicines, there are so many apps that remind us to take our pills or give us recommendations.

In a survey conducted in Australia in 2020, 32% of people said that they used medical apps on their phones or tablets. In case you too need a medical app to take care of your well-being, here are the six best ones for you.

1. SafeWA

SafeWA is a free medical app designed by the WA (West Australia) Healthcare system. Using this, patrons or users can easily register their attendance for COVID-19.

It also helps in Covid contact tracing by providing a list of registered contact details of patrons attending different places. You can find it in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store.

Once you register here, your privacy will be maintained with complete discretion. In case you attend any gathering or venue, you will have to scan the Safe WA QR code present there. This will later be used in tracing if someone close to you becomes Covid positive.

2. Ovulation calculator

Medical Apps

For most women out there, tracking the dates of ovulation and menstruation can get very difficult. Many of them don’t even know their cycle length or premenstrual habits. This is where an ovulation tracker greatly helps. This free app can be found in the Apple Store.

If you are trying to get pregnant, this tracker can be very useful. Simply log in the dates of your periods every month and mention your cycle length (if you know it). The predictive intelligence in this app will let you know when you ovulate.

3. Medadvisor

My Medadvisor is another amazing healthcare app. If you’re someone who frequently forgets to take daily pills, Medadvisor will remind you every day.

A virtual pharmacist will be present here, who will keep reminding you of the medicines you are supposed to take. Once your present medication dose is about to run out, Medadvisor will also let you know beforehand.

Every time you add or subtract a medicine, the list will keep auto-updating. It will also help you to track your loved ones’ medication routines easily.

4. XRI Patient app

Want to store your prescription photos or X-rays in a secure folder? The XRI Patient app is here for you. It is available on both iPhone as well as Android devices and is free of cost. After installing this app, you will have to activate it on your device and then register.

After a successful pin confirmation, you can view all your previous X-ray tests on the dashboard. Your report will be available 14 days after the examination. It will take care of all your scans and imagine. From X-ray scans to MRI and mammography, XRI is your all-in-one solution.

5. Lite N’ Easy

Medical Apps

This weight loss app will help you achieve your “perfect body” goals with its smart tracker system. It will give you an updated list of weight loss tracking, body measurement tracking, and food habits every week.

In case you feel down and demotivated, Lite N’ Easy will send you motivational messages and quotes to remind you to never give up!

Thousands of Australians already use this app to achieve their fitness goals, and you should try it out too. There are no charges for signing up and the only money you’ll have to spend is when you’re ordering food from this app to lose weight.

6. InsightTimer

If you need a guide to help you meditate and relax, InsightTimer is perfect for you. There are more than 100,000 free meditation guides here and you can practice for as long as you wish to.

Whereas most apps have only a selected few meditation guides in their free trial, InsightTimer has all its guides available for you in one go. There is also a seven-day course to lead you towards a happier lifestyle.

Over to you…

These six free medical apps will help you to lead a much healthier and happier life in the future. No matter where you are, you can use any of them to your liking and keep track of your progress. Since it’s very important to take care of your well-being, install these apps now and make good use of them!

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