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Business by  Sumona 28 January 2023

Monitor Rental

Monitors can be useful during different events. The reason why they are so popular these days is that they make the experience of visitors and viewers more interactive. If this event is a presentation of something, for example, a good monitor of a big size will help guests to see everything you want to show them very clearly. 

Do you need the monitor rental in NYC? If yes, let’s get deeper into this topic and find out which monitors you can rent and what is the best company to provide this service.

What monitors can you rent in New York?

Monitors available for rental can be classified in accordance with their sizes. In NYC, you can rent monitors sized from 17 inches up to 90 inches. Also, we can distinguish different monitors relying on the type of display.

  • LCD- Such monitors might come in different sizes, up to 65 inches. With them, you can stream high-quality visual content in 1080p resolution. LCD monitors are popular because thanks to multiple outputs and outputs, you can use them as TV or as computer monitors, too.
  • LED- If you aim to have a picture of the highest quality, you should consider a monitor with a LED display rather than the LCD one. Default visual features are better but you can also adjust them in accordance with your needs.
  • 3D LED- If you want to make sure that the experience of your guests is 100% interactive, you should definitely rent LED monitors with 3-dimensional capabilities. All the images will seem real, which is the best way to immerse all viewers into the content you are displaying.
  • Plasma Display- Monitors with plasma displays might be not as adjustable in terms of the visual aspect, but they are great due to their quick response time. This means that they are great to show something dynamic.
  • Touch Screen Displays- Such monitors are extremely popular at different business events. The reason for such events is that they are very suitable for presentation. These sophisticated solutions provide you with the possibility to adjust everything manually – without additional appliances – which ensures the highest-quality user experience.
  • Video Walls- These are monitors sized from 40 inches up to 55 inches, or even more. With such solutions, you can be sure that everyone will see what is presented on the screen. Connect the video wall to your computer and share visual content with the 4K resolution.

Which companies provide monitor rental?

There are many businesses that offer you to rent their monitor. The biggest disadvantage of an average equipment rental company in NYC is that it focuses more on lighting and audio equipment and provides a poor selection of monitors. This isn’t an issue for! It displays all possible types of monitors that come in different sizes and offer extra features that help adjust the picture.



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