Need to Create More Space in Your Home? Here Is What to Do

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah15 May 2021

Create More Space in Your Home

It gets to a point where you want to add more space to your home and make it more modern and elegant. But how do you do this without necessarily breaking the bank?

Many people think that renovation is the only way out. There is a lot more than you can do to your home without remodeling.

Refurbishing a house is expensive, but that does not mean that you are stuck to the old look forever. This article will give ideas on what you can do to create more space in your home.

Tips on finding more space in your home without remodeling-

1. Rearrange your room:

Rearranging your home is one of the top list methods to create more space in your home. In the past, people were used to pushing their furniture to the wall.

That only makes the home look congested. Try to bring the furniture to the center of the room. This makes the room appear larger, open, and airy. Swapping wall hangings and artwork is also a great idea when rearranging your home.

2. Replace your doors with barn doors:

A simple change such as changing a single door into double barn doors gives the room a whole different look. A barn door is a space saver compared to the swing doors most people use in their homes. Since they flash with the wall, they take almost zero space which means you get extra space.

3. Add new lighting to the rooms:

3. Add new lighting to the rooms:

Light gives life to a room. Have you ever figured that a dark room always appears clumsy and congested? Lighting affects the vibe and ambiance of your home. The first move you can make is ensuring that natural light gets full access to your home.

This means that you work on your windows and ensure that your panes are well maintained. The other thing you could do is ensuring that you have enough task lights, accent lights, and mood lights in your home. Know what is suitable for each room. For example, dimmer lights will be good in the bedroom while the kitchen will need brighter light.

4. Dress your windows with long drapes:

4. Dress your windows with long drapes:

Many people tend to assume the beauty of windows. Others prefer to add blinds for privacy purposes. Did you know that dressing your windows can make a real difference?

All you have to do is add beautiful drapes or curtains. Please note that low-hanging drapes make the room appear small. Placing drapes near the ceiling gives the illusion that the room is enormous.

5. Add wallpaper to your walls:

5. Add wallpaper to your walls:

Give a new look to your home by installing removable wallpaper. With the market for wallpapers growing every day, there is a wide variety to choose from.

All you have to do is to choose a wallpaper that blends well with your furniture and color. All the walls are not confined to one pattern and graphic, but you could play along with them such that each partition has its design. On the other hand, you might as well choose to repaint the rooms. That is if you want to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

6. Consider an appliance storage area:

Some appliances that are not used every day don’t have to stay on the countertops. They only make them busy and congested. That is why you should invest in an appliance storage area.

Most people will use the pantry for this reason. Even then, you do not need the pantry to look clumsy. Set aside space or install cabinets in the pantry that will serve as storage for the appliances.

7. Be creative and play with space:

There is no manual to creating more space in your home. A little creativeness and you get an elegant and spacious home.

For example, a kitchen stool is confined to the kitchen. It can serve as a lampstand and décor in the bedroom. Carrying out a DIY project to create more space in your home will save you costs you would incur with renovation.

Bottom line:

If you believe that remodeling is the only way to make a home spacious, now you know that there are other more fantastic ways to handle the situation. When trying to create space in your home, always think vertically and not horizontally. Remember, it’s the horizontal space we need to free.

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