The New Traditional DIY– Old, New, Borrowed: And Something With A Hue! 

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Traditional DIY

A DIY project adds a very innovative touch to your whole authentic interior design. Traditional DIY to contemporary DIY projects, everything looks pretty trendy and stylish for interior design. But we all have some very old stuff in your home. Most of them are junk and useless. Hence your innovative idea and creative mind can do wonders for it. You can turn a single old doorknob into a nice piece of art. Let’s have a look at how to do it.

3 Innovative DIY Ideas 

The traditional DIY or contemporary DIY everything is going to be a lovely piece of art. Just one thing you have to make sure you are picking the right items for art.

Here are three innovative DIY ideas for changing an old thing into a new and contemporary piece of art.

1. Something Old

selective focus photography of piled brown wooden pallets

If you’re interested in adding a contemporary touch to something traditional, try a traditional DIY coat rack. 

Ideally, you’re going to need something you can repurpose to really get the traditional feel. A piece of old driftwood, a broken window shutter, even a broken wooden pallet will do.

Once you have your primary material, your first task is to cut it to your preferred size. After you’re sure it’ll fit in your desired place, you can begin to space out where you’d like your hooks to go – a good rule of thumb is to space them a minimum of ten centimeters apart. 

If you’re happy with that, you can sand the wood, and you’re almost complete. You can also stain the wood with varnish or an oil-based poly, but of course, this is optional. 

You can then take some screws, attach them to the board, and you’re done. 

2. Something New

For traditional DIY craft, you need something new. Again, this will work best with something wooden or metal for this DIY coffee table with hairpin legs. A popular choice is to opt for 35cm hairpin legs to combine the mid-century style with functionality, but you could go with furniture feet or larger, bench-length legs, too. 

You’ll need to flip your tabletop over and mark where you want your legs to be mounted before drilling your pilot holes. This video shows this in action if you’re struggling with measurements and dynamics. 

The final step is simply attaching the hairpin legs with screws. And your hairpin leg coffee table is ready to go! 

3. Something Borrowed 

For something borrowed, why not create a DIY jewelry holder. You can cheat a little bit with this one and buy some photo frames, but if you or your family have some broken picture frames, even better.

Begin this traditional DIY by painting the backs of the frames. There’s no need to prep the backs in any way, just smother them in paint and let them dry. 

When they’re dry, you can take some chicken wire, metal ribbon, anything metal really and cover the space in the middle of the frame with it, setting it all in place with either some heavy-duty glue or staples. Wait for this to dry, and it’s ready for use immediately. 

4. Something With A Hue

woman in black crew neck t-shirt

You might be a bit more familiar with this craft – tie-dying! Keep it basic and dye some traditional white t-shirts. 

You’ll begin by soaking your t-shirt in lukewarm water and squeezing out the excess. 

Now you can get creative! Pinch the center of the t-shirt between your thumb and fingers and twist the fabric to create a spiral effect. Once the exclusive t-shirt is a tight ball, cover it with elastic bands in any design you wish. 

Take your pre-bought traditional DIY dye and apply it to sections of the t-shirt. You can focus on one color and create a lovely hue, or you can create multicolored sections. 

Leave the t-shirt in a plastic bag overnight. In the morning, rinse the t-shirt with clean water and leave it to dry before popping it on.


The traditional DIY conventions look very pretty. If you want to change the whole infrastructure of your houses, these tricks are going to be your best ideas. But that does not mean that you have to purchase some of the new furniture. You can easily convert the old furniture into a new one by using these easy tricks.

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