Tips To Lighten The Load When You are Moving House

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Moving House

Moving house can be a hectic time. It always seems to be that we prepare for a long time with your house on the market or a long period of window shopping, and then somehow. Bam. That ‘Sold’ sign is up, and you’re begging the local supermarket for their leftover boxes. And then there was all the hectic shopping around and showing around, to begin with.

Well, you’re at the final stage: packing up and getting out. After that, you can relax. As long as the sofa or the bed is offloaded, the rest can wait. In the meantime, read our guide to making that final stage as easy as possible.

3 Tips To Make Your Moving House Project Less Of A Chore

3 Tips To Make Your Moving House Project Less Of A Chore

Are you planning to move house to a new location is always a challenge. Even if you do not make a perfect plan for it, there is always a chance to fail. You have to make a full-proof plan of house shifting.

Read through the three tips and know how you can materialize your moving house project.

1. Reduce As You Go

Moving house is a great time to purge yourself of anything you don’t want anymore. You will be forced to enter that loft, or that basement, or that cupboard: the one that is filled with everything you haven’t looked at in years but simply can’t face.

Get yourself two boxes and a garbage bag. The boxes are for recycling and selling. And you know what the bin bag is for. Yes, a lot of it will have to go. Anything that is broken, useless, unsellable, etc., is going in the trash.

Be ruthless. If the idea of never using this thing again crosses your mind, put it in a box. Someone else will use it, so take comfort in that idea. And be honest with yourself. Do you really need that ugly wedding gift tablecloth you hid away all these years?

And just as an extra tip: maybe invest in some anti-allergy pills. There will be a lot of dust flying about.  

The less you have to transport. The easier things will be. You will need fewer moving vans, fewer boxes, less energy, and less money.

2. There Are A Lot Of Services To Help You

There is no shame in hiring a moving company to handle the heavy lifting. Sure, you could ask friends in exchange for a round of pizza and beers, but that’s some good friends that are willing to lug your bed and sofas around. 

Moving house companies know what they’re in for, at least, and can be quite affordable when you consider the van, the driver, and the transfer of everything from the van. If that’s not too appealing to you, you can always hire movers, sans the van and driver, to help with the really heavy stuff.

If you are driving the van yourself, consider what you will do with your cars. Sometimes making the trip back just isn’t realistic, either because a taxi fare across the city is going to be too expensive; if you’re moving interstate, the costs would be on the ‘national debt’ scale.

You can book safe car shipping from Chicago to Florida with Vehicle Haul, among other options. Load up your car or cars, and see them off to your new home, safe in the knowledge that they will arrive right at your new door. 

Affordable car shipping companies such as Vehicle Haul can allow you to make your journey to your new home in one go, without the worry of who will then drive your moving van.

3. Make Use Of Storage

Once everything is there, you can take your time to unpack. There is no rush. You’ve had a long journey to get here, and you deserve to relax.

You can make things easier on yourself by putting everything in storage. Rather than tripping over boxes labeled “photos” and “DVDs,” but it all away, and get to it when you can. People have busy lives with full-time jobs, so if you were to just visit and grab one box every few nights, or even every weekend, on your way back from work, you’ll find the process much easier.

Storage units can come in a variety of sizes for different prices, and if you were to stick everything away, for the time being, it would be safe, with only you and your key offering access to it. This is an advantageous option if you are moving house to somewhere smaller. 

You can also use it if you have a lot of bulky things that will have no place when you first move in. There will be bikes in the living room, camping equipment in the kitchen, and gym equipment in the bathroom. Shove all that into storage until you know what you are going to do with it.


Just keep a hold of the things you really need, toothbrushes, work clothes, etc.  Moving house projects are only going to be successful when you are going to follow the proper strategy for them. So follow these three tips and know-how to deal with the challenge.

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