Top 5 Ways to Boost your Mobile’s Hotspot Speed

Internetby Mashum Mollah06 October 2021

Hotspot Speed

The internet has made working or communicating very efficient by making individuals access it digitally from anywhere and anytime. However, the internet is not necessarily present everywhere. On the go, it is not always possible to have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

In these situations, you do not have to worry about having any hotspot device as you can simply turn your smartphone into a router. In this way, you can create your own private network and use the internet without any trouble. But will it provide you with the same speed?

Mobile hotspots are safer than using public Wi-Fi since they possess a risk of a possible data breach. Moreover, it also provides better performance since not many people have access to it. Besides, connecting to a mobile hotspot is rather easy and comparatively cheap than an entire internet service plan. It is also very handy and easily accessible in locations where internet connection failures are very common.

But, if you are not careful enough while using a mobile hotspot, it may cost you a high data charge. Moreover, there are certain factors that make your hotspot slow. The most common reason is the hotspot configuration of your device. Other than this, another possible reason can be your data plan. Many telecom companies have different data plans such as Vodafone prepaid or postpaid plans, Reliance plans, and many others. If you surpass your provided data plan, it can cause your hotspot to work slowly as well.

Here in this article, we have listed down some simple tips that you can use to boost your mobile hotspot speed considerably.

Be careful about the background applications:

Without knowing, many applications remain active in the background of your smartphones, tablets, or other devices. These applications can use much of your mobile hotspot data and gradually make the connection go slow.

From emails to social media and location-based applications, these applications unnecessarily consume a lot of your data. So, be careful to configure your device’s system settings and stop these apps from running in the background. However, give permission to some essential applications to keep running. In this way, your data will not be wasted, and the speed will not slow down.

Carefully optimize your Wi-Fi settings:

Hotspot Speed

It is advisable to configure your Wi-Fi settings for shorter ranges. In this way, the devices that are connected to it should be kept closer to the main device to access an uninterrupted internet connection. Though it may require you to always be near the hotspot device, it enhances the speed of the hotspot considerably and makes your internet using experience very effective.

Limit your multimedia usage:

Limit your multimedia usage:

Be considerate about how you use multimedia while connected to a hotspot network. Composing emails, reading texts, or receiving messages require lesser data than streaming games, videos, movies, or posting and using social media. Your multimedia usage can make a huge difference in the hotspot’s bandwidth requirement. Hence, make sure to limit your multimedia usage to make your hotspot work faster.

Research about the area coverage:

If you are planning to travel with your hotspot device, make sure you are well aware of the data coverage situation in your destination. Many areas do not provide active cellular network coverage, which means you will be stuck with slower data speed, which in turn will make your hotspot speed slow.

Optimize email downloads:

Many email applications and clients offer push notifications options or email attachment downloads that consume a lot of data and make your hotspot slow. Hence, you can simply restrict the size of attachments to be downloaded and disable push notifications in your application’s settings that can save you from unnecessary data consumption and make your hotspot work faster.


Mobile Hotspot lets your stay connected even when you are traveling, in the absence of any secure Wi-Fi or any other internet service. Being connected to a hotspot just require a stable internet connection and a device that will help you in staying connected to the respected network. Even though there are many effective hotspot devices available in the market, you can simply use your smartphone for this purpose. However, it is important to know how to configure your devices correctly to use mobile data to its full potential.

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