Water Wise Living: 9 Ways To Upgrade Your Property’s Drainage System

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Ways To Upgrade Your Property'sDrainage System

The proper maintenance of drainage can help to make sure that water safely flows away from your home walls, or other buildings on your property. Meanwhile, effective drainage can help combat floods in your basement and home. The landowner has the responsibility of property drainage, and plants’ sound growth crucially depends on adequate soil drainage.

Certain plants like water-loving plants, also called hydrophytes, are physiologically adapted to survive in saturated soils. They also have wide air channels that allow gases to freely move across the plant. Unfortunately, poor drainage of the soil tends to result in saturated and water-logged soils that significantly affect the growth of plants.

Saturated soils minimize the availability of oxygen to roots. Likewise, they reduce the plant’s ability to transport water up via its roots. Moreover, the resistance of plants to pathogens is hindered in water-logged soils. Let us now look into how you can upgrade your property’s drainage system. 

9 Ways To Upgrade Your Property’s Drainage Systems

Inspect Your Environment For Plumbing Issues 

The moment a drainage problem becomes obvious, it may be late already. If damp spots or leaks occur in your house unexpectedly, it signals that you need to inspect and improve your drainage system by addressing the issue.

Experts Should Handle Grunt Work 

Drainage matters can take place when there is a heavy downpour. Meanwhile, excessive absorption of water can result in structural damage. Hence, always ensure you cover leakages and give routes for water to easily flow.

Hiring expert plumbers is a great way you can permanently fix plumbing problems. Whenever you need assistance with a drainage problem, please do not hesitate to place a call to the professionals.

Examine Gutters

Gutters play a vital role in a plumbing system or drainage, and improper placement can lead to flooding in the house. Enhance the strength of your gutters by using iron and increasing their durability.

Designers have created an eavestrough to gather water from the roof and redirect it away from a foundation. They have designed a gutter to drain waste down. Also, loose nuts are capable of having negative effects on drainage and become an obstruction.

Have Sufficient Downspouts 

Sufficient downspouts should be available to allow heavy downpours and water run-off coming from the roof. Besides, a wide-down spill would not even give room for any obstacle to disrupt the flow. Note that the downspouts should be placed a minimum of five feet away from the foundation.

Besides, the rainwater is expected to flow with a rigid surface that can withstand the effects and have its shape maintained.

Disconnecting Your Roof Downspouts

A downspout is a vertical pipe that is usually used for transporting rainwater to the ground from your eavestrough. Your home may have a lot of these pipes controlling water from the roof of your home. Certain older homes could have roof downspouts that are connected to the sanitary sewer. Meanwhile, in order to minimize the risk of basement water infiltration, you can disconnect downspouts, especially if you have a secure place to discharge the water.

Furthermore, we expect you to divert roof downspouts onto your garden or lawn, ensuring they are at least two meters away from your foundation. This will allow stormwater to flow away from your foundation, lawns, and landscaped areas. Ensure you divert water from the roof away from neighboring properties, sidewalks, and driveways to prevent ice buildup and property flooding.

The safe disconnection of your downspouts can perform the following functions:

  • Supply a free source of water for your gardens and lawns.
  • Minimize water flow following the foundation of your home and minimize the risk attached to basement water infiltration.
  • Keep less important water away from the sewer systems.

Take Care Of Garbage Disposal

Ensure you remove the garbage disposal monthly with a fat broom. On another hand, you can crush several ice cubes and have table salt ground into powder before throwing them into the machine. This is an embraced way of removing the residue and grease buildup from the sides of the disposal.

You can, thereafter,  sprinkle water on it, together with the peel of half a lime or lemon to add a sweet fragrance.

Regularly Clean Your Sink

One of the most secure ways to have a safe sink is by rinsing it out with hot water, once a week. Food oils tend to flow down the drain, rather than accumulating on the interior, which can slow down the draining mechanism. 

Eliminate Debris Frequently 

Leaves, needles, grass, and hay can get gutters and trench drains clogged. It is paramount to critically clean drainage pipes for the most desired results. Little issues can be sorted out by hand, and larger debris should always be taken care of with a pressure washer a minimum of once a year. Also, preserving leaves and other detritus from the gutters is advisable.

Make Use Of Cleaners And Filters

To avoid waste falling into your sink, you can cover all your drain holes. Furthermore, manufacturers typically construct plug guards from plastic, metal, or a grate-like design that enables the removal and disposal of debris into the container. Additionally, a shower filter can gather loose hair and other debris, which can then be rinsed away with running water.

Moreover, a drain cleaner anti-bacterial in nature is great for maintaining the plumbing of your home. You can pour some into the sink, and give it a minimum of thirty minutes to sit before you wash it with hot water. Also, always remember to completely vacuum out your drains every few months to maintain obstruction-free gutters.

Water Wise Living

Continuously maintaining and improving your drainage system will undoubtedly save you from expensive repairs in the future. However, before you install a drainage system, it is advisable to research and know the best type of system for your establishment.

With these helpful tips, you can have the lifespan of your drainage prolonged.

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