How Can I Waterproof My Patio Furniture?

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Patio Furniture

Owning a patio comes with its own challenges. Buying and placing furniture on your patio is not enough. You would need to maintain the furniture, with regular dusting and cleaning. One such challenge is to make your furniture water-resistant.

The simplest way of doing so is by purchasing waterproof patio furniture, and if you are living in Toronto, then Wickerpark is among the best. However, if you do not own one, you can look for other ways to make sure that rain does not spoil your priced patio furniture. In this article, we talk about some of the ways of waterproofing your furniture.

Ways To Waterproof Patio Furniture:

It may seem tough and sometimes impossible to keep the rainwater off your patio furniture, but in reality, it isn’t. There are certain ways to make this possible, and out of them, the widely used ones are as follows:

Effective Use of Oil to Waterproof Wood-

Though it may seem a little awkward, oil can definitely turn out to be a perfect remedy for waterproofing your wooden furniture. Let us walk through the ways of how to do it.

Choose the desirable oil:

Choose the desirable oil:

The oils that are usually used for this purpose include walnut, tung, and linseed oil. Since Tung oil is a little expensive as compared to other varieties, it is advisable to use Tung oil for smaller pieces of furniture. The oil that you can find commonly is walnut oil. However, be careful if you or your family and friends are allergic to the variation.

Linseed oil can be found in many repair shops and it is either sold as boiled or raw. The boiled ones have agents that can dry metal, plus are poisonous as well. So, if you are using this oil, make sure you don’t use it on anything which involves food.

Mix oil with other substances:

Once you have chosen and bought the oil that you want to use, you need to mix it with apple cider vinegar and turpentine. For this mixture, you need to take one part of oil, one part of turpentine oil, and half part of apple cider vinegar. You can mix these in a metal bowl.

Prepare the wooden furniture:

Before applying the mixture, you need to make sure that the surface is free of imperfections. This can be done by using sandpaper.

Start the coating:

Before you start coating, make sure to wear rubber gloves. To apply the coat, you need to pour a little amount of oil on the surface of the rag and rub it by using the grain. The movement has to be from the interior portion to the exterior one. When needed, you can apply more oil to it. Wait for the first coat to dry for 30 minutes and then take a cloth and wipe it off gently. Before applying the next coat, wait for at least 24 hours.

Use Sealants-


You can also use sealants to waterproof the wooden furniture. To do so, follow the given steps:

Clean the surface:

You can use sandpaper to clean the surface, before applying the sealant.

Get the best water-based wood sealer:

There are many sealants available in the market, but you need to get the best for your requirements.

Apply the first even coat:

Get a paintbrush or a sprayer for applying the sealant coat on the surface. To make sure that the sealant is applied in an appropriate condition, you can do this work in a garage. Once it is applied, leave the wood to dry. Once it is dry, clean it with a cloth.

Apply other coats:

Depending upon the type of furniture, the number of coats is required, if you have softwood, then you may need to apply two to three coats, but if it is hardwood, then only one coat is enough. When the coating is done, leave the wood to get cured.

Use Waterproofing Fabric Spray-on Fabric-

Use Waterproofing Fabric Spray-on Fabric

There are waterproof sprays available in the market that are specifically used for making fabric waterproof. If your furniture has cushions or any kind of fabric, you can buy a good waterproof spray and use it to make the entire fabric of your furniture waterproof. Moreover, these sprays also make the fabric stain-free. To do so, follow the given steps:

Clean the fabric:

The first thing to do is to clean the fabric of the furniture. To do this, you can take the help of a vacuum, or you can use your hand to remove the dust properly. Before applying waterproofing fabric spray, you need to make sure that it is clean and free of any dust.

Dry the fabric completely:

While using a waterproofing spray, make sure that the fabric is completely dry. You can use a hot drier or keep the fabric in sunlight to dry it off.

Spray the waterproofing spray:

Once the fabric is clean and dry, you can spray on it uniformly. After spraying, wait for a while to get it settled.

Coat The Metal Furniture:

In case your patio furniture is made of metal, you can use quality liquid and coat it over the metal to make it waterproof. Also, you can use auto wax to make the metal much more resistive. Apart from these, there are many products on the market that provide against metal corrosion. Any of these can be a good option to make your furniture waterproof.

Bottom Line:

It is indeed important to make patio furniture waterproof. From the ways mentioned above, it is quite clear that the process of doing so is not so challenging. So, you can choose any of the ways to make your furniture waterproof.

Depending upon the type of furniture you have placed on your patio, you can choose any of the above-mentioned ways. Plus, the best way of making your entire furniture waterproof is by using suitable waterproofing sprays for fabric, wood, and metal.

You need to be wary of brands selling substandard products. These will do more harm than good for your furniture. Make sure you purchase the correct product. Research thoroughly before buying one and always rely on trusted brands.

Or if you want to do away with the hassle of waterproofing, you can buy waterproof furniture from a trusted supplier like Wicker Park.

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