How To Connect Xbox 360 Controllers To Pc Without The Receiver?

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how to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc without receiver

Using a simple Bluetooth to connect the Xbox controller to your PC is not the deal because the frequency in the Xbox 360 controller and of the Bluetooth does not necessarily match. In addition, the adapter is not included in the controller package, so you have to spend extra bucks behind it if you want to connect it to your computer. 

There is no substitute here than the special USB adapter for communicating with this 2.4Ghz sized property. Moreover, if the controllers are wireless, it increases your convenience, but connecting it with the PC can be challenging. 

How To Connect Xbox 360 Controllers To Pc Without The Receiver?

There are plenty of USB adapters available in the market and online e-commerce sites but finding out which one is original is a strenuous job. You can instead go for the wired controller, which also acts the same. But, if you are sitting in your bed and want to operate it from there, then the wired ones will not serve your purpose.

That is where the trouble begins because the wireless Xbox controller for PC Bluetooth will not be the easy way out. You won’t be able to connect it via Bluetooth only even if I advise you that. That is why we must focus on some other ways that can help us connect Xbox controller to pc. The ways are;

1. Go For The Aftermarket Clones

If you don’t want to buy any adapter additionally because it will be too expensive for your budget, you can always go for the third-party clones. These are not too costly, but you will have to buy a receiver for the Xbox 360 wireless controller. Going for this option will cost you less initially, but there is no guarantee for how long this product will work. 

The main reason for choosing this alternative is because these clones are available widely in the market. You will be able to purchase them with $10 in your pocket. Some of these clones look precisely like the original product and can also work well initially. However, whether they will work long-term with your PC or not is not guaranteed.

2. Spend Money Behind The Official Adapter

Spend Money Behind The Official Adapter

It is better to spend money on something worth the investment and come with a warranty period. If you want to connect the Xbox 360 controller to pc without a receiver, the best way will be to buy the official adapter. The official price of this product is $60.

The price of this adapter never really goes down, so there is no point in waiting for a discount or sale. However, on the Best Buy website, you can avail of the product at the last close price, and while checking out, you might get some discounts. In Amazon FBA, there are chances that you can avail of this at a low price. If you find out that the product is a duplicate one after purchasing, then don’t hesitate to return it ASAP. 

3. Find Second-Hand Receivers

There are plenty of orphaned USB receivers available in the second-hand market so that you can look for the adapter there. However, everybody does not want the controller and the adapter, so they end up selling one of those in the middle markets. You can also find these orphaned products on eBay and Amazon, but this is not much of a feasible option because you might not get the accurate product there. 

Look for product listing in those sites that include both the dongle and an official CD driver because that proves the product is legitimate. Read the product reviews thoroughly and make sure the place you purchase it from has a trustworthy return policy. Because you might receive the product all well and good, but after you may find some quality issues, it is better to have your options open.

How To Install Your Xbox 360 Adapter To Your Pc?

How To Connect Xbox 360 Controllers To Pc Without The Receiver

The first thing you need to do here is looking for the device in the device manager section as soon as you plug it in. If it is connected correctly, you will find an Xbox 360 wireless receiver for windows. If you are using Windows 7, then you will have to add new hardware. If you are using Windows 8, the drivers will automatically be downloaded, and the adapter will be ready for use in no time. 

You need to click on the option named install the software automatically, or you can also download it from the official website or the CD if you have it. However, for Windows 10, the drivers are already available. You can test whether your controller is working or not by playing some games. If the adapter cannot read and run the games, be sure that you have received an identical product. 

If everything goes right, you will have to press the receiver button and then click on the connect option to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc. The green light on the controller will automatically light up, a hazardous, and then you will be ready to go. For safety purposes, you can also download the software controller to check the battery status in it. 


So, now you know some other ways to connect the Xbox 360 controller to your computer without a receiver. However, we will still recommend that you go for the original adapter instead of the other clones because you never know when they will stop working. That would be a precarious investment on your part. Since it is better to be safe than sorry, purchase the original adapter from an authentic Microsoft store to avoid any quality control issues in the future.


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