Why a Coworking Space Is Perfect for Extroverts

Businessby Ariana Smith22 May 2018

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The coworking space is great for pretty much anyone with the motivation and discipline to successfully run a business. Those who are at the helm of start-ups find the office space style amenable to allowing their business to grow while those who are self-employed can find it a great alternative to the isolation that comes from working remotely or from home. However, for the gregarious individual, coworking spaces can be a professional paradise.

Extroverts are characterized as being very social, charismatic types who flock to social engagement. More specifically, the extrovert many times succeed in their professional life because of their ability to understand other’s needs. This particular social skill also translates to the coworking environment as well.

For more information as to why coworking is great for the extrovert, continue reading below.

Organizational Style :

 The office set up for a standard coworking space has groups of people working at a hot desk, and for those who need privacy, there are dedicated desks. This close proximity is a recipe for young, hip professionals to engage in chatter, whether it is industry talk or about partnering up for collaborations. Because of their charismatic personalities, extroverts might find themselves the source of much diversion and conversation while at work. Check out New Zealand’s Servcorp coworking space to see the way many outfits organize their offices.

Networking :

 More than any other benefit to the extrovert, there are oodles and oodles of opportunities to meet and hook up with professionals within their own industries and in others makes coworking spaces the number one spot for extroverts. During the working day, professionals might find themselves in discussions with people from a diverse array of industries. More formal opportunities are available after hours when coworking outfits hold networking events, and this is where the extrovert can put on the shine.

Collaboration :

 Not only are networking opportunities an advantage for extroverts, but these networking opportunities can also translate into collaborations. For the person who is skilled at human relationships, these collaborations, if successful, can turn into opportunities to make money. These collaborations might grow into greater chances to meet and engage with experienced professionals who can help you promote your business.

Leaders :

 This charisma that characterizes this group of people can also be the foundation for leadership within the coworking community. Extroverts can help others with their own projects, and if especially proficient in their own industries, become mentors. Whether it is heading up individual efforts or becoming the leader in collaborative efforts, coworking space provides extroverts with the opportunity to take some of those people skills and translate them into leadership ones as well.

Moral Support :

 Extroverts have a built-in set of professional friends that they can go to in the coworking space. Again, because the organizational style of the coworking space promotes social interaction, extroverts can share friendships with the people they come to meet as a part of working on their business. This office style is also attractive to extroverts because many have lounge areas where people can make time to nurture business and personal friendships.

CoWorking Programs :

 Every time an extrovert has the chance to engage with others there is always a benefit to the person and others. In the coworking space, an extrovert’s relationship skills can be channeled into a more structured way if they choose to participate in any of the programs to help grow their businesses. Accelerator and incubator programs help start-ups traverse the challenges that come along with starting a business, but the extrovert will relish the opportunity to meet and engage with experienced professionals.

Coworking Spaces That Nurture The Extrovert :

 Just by virtue of the fact that extroverts are social, this environment will help them build on their current skills. Extroverts might find space a relaxing, convivial one where they are free to be as social as they want. For the coworking space, other professionals benefit from extroverts who love to engage them while making work worthwhile.

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