5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cycling

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We all know that regular exercise is essential for both our physical as well as mental well-being. Among so many exercises, one of the most popular fitness regimes is cycling. Nearly 42% of the world’s families own at least 1 bicycle, which makes it more than 580 million bicycles worldwide.

Cycling can also be a wonderful means of transport. Instead of being stuck in never-ending traffic jams, you can quickly reach your college or office if you cycle. If you want to know some of the most wonderful health benefits of cycling, here is a list for you.

Here’re 5 Health Benefits of Cycling

Here're 5 Health Benefits of Cycling

1. Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases mostly refer to conditions like stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Regular cycling stimulates your heart and lungs, thereby improving blood circulation in your body.

This helps to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay. Among the benefits of cycling, it strengthens the heart muscles which lowers the resting pulse rate. This eventually reduces the levels of fat in your body, making you much healthier.

A study has shown that people who cycle more often have much less exposure to pollution caused by cars or other large vehicles. This keeps their lungs healthy and working. As a result, they will suffer much less from lung-related problems.

2. Diabetes


Diabetes is a huge problem all over the world. The rate of increase of type 2 diabetes is very alarming and scientists everywhere have said the same thing- this can be prevented by exercising regularly. Cycling is a great way to stay away from diabetes type 2.

Research in Finland has shown that people who cycle for just 30 minutes a day had 40% lesser chances of suffering from this disease.

The more you cycle, the more workout your body gets, which lowers your blood sugar levels by almost half. But remember to keep sipping a sugar drink in between your cycling sessions to avoid hypoglycemia.

3. Arthritis

Probably the benefits of cycling are the fact that it prevents bone disorders like arthritis. Cycling not only improves your overall health but also boosts your balance.

If you’re an expert in cycling, you’ll fall much lesser and have a lot more balance. If you suffer from osteoarthritis, bike cycling is ideal for you since it is a low-impact exercise that does not put too much pressure on your weight-bearing joints.

The entire movement that you perform while cycling lubricates your joints and keeps them healthy. Growing children are often advised to cycle daily so that their bones can strengthen and be firm as they grow.

4. Cancer

Cancer is another rampant disease that consumes billions of people worldwide. Among other advantages of cycling, we can safely say that it also reduces the chances of cancer by almost 45%.

Research says that people who cycle every day have lower chances of suffering from bowel cancer. Even colon and breast cancers can be prevented by cycling to and fro from work.

Although it’s not very clear how cycling reduces cancer, researchers say that cyclists are leaner and have better overall health- this reduces the chances of inflammation in the body. Further, since cycling keeps your lungs clean and healthy, the risks of lung cancer are also minimal for cyclists.

5. Mental health

Mental health

Cycling not only benefits you physically but also mentally and emotionally. So many of us tend to simply sit inside our cars or other public commutes and stare out of the window.

In contrast to this, cycling requires you to be active and move your muscles. Even though you get out of breath, you still feel good. Hormones named endorphins are released, which improves mental health.

Many mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and stress can be reduced by cycling. When you ride your bike out in the open air, you feel closer to nature and your surroundings. It makes you feel open and free, which is a form of enjoyment in itself.

Over to you…

Although there’re numerous health benefits of cycling, these five were the most crucial ones. Cycling can also be off-road for professionals. If you are interested in being a professional cyclist to keep yourself fit, you can buy items like cycling apparel or special equipment in order to enjoy yourself a little more and be even healthier!

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