Going Out: Impressing Your Crush on Your Very First Date

Relationship by  Mashum Mollah 20 December 2019


‘She agreed to date me after a casual meal of delicious Korean chicken in Singapore’s top-rated restaurant.’

This line would make for an exciting intro to any love story, especially if the relationship has lasted for many years. You can milk your refined palate and an affinity for a pleasant ambiance for bragging points for the rest of your life. Of course, that would make a stimulating conversation starter about a good life and good food.

Although food plays a major role in relationships, in that going for a date is part of the courtship process, it’s just but one of the main ingredients. Sharing a meal with a romantic interest reveals so much about your character.

Here are some pointers to let you win your date every time:

Prepare for every date

Prepare for date

While it’s not always possible to dress flamboyantly, especially when you keep a busy calendar, you should at least make an effort to look the part. Don’t show up looking like you didn’t put in any attempt to spruce up your appearance. That applies to both men and women.

For the ladies, if a change of outfit isn’t possible, try to freshen up your makeup or just do a little touch-up. For men, don’t show up with shriveled hair, rolled shirt sleeves, or a wrinkly shirt with shirt stains. You want to impress your partner, not push them away.

Away from physical appearance, work on your conversation as well. Too often, people tend to play it safe and stick to safe topics. While you won’t step on any toes, you might end up boring your date to death. If it comes to it, research a few safe but engaging topics that you think might engage your date.

A stimulating conversation over a nice, warm enjoyable meal appeal to much more than the palate. It affords each party a chance to display their intellect and probably talk about their interests and life story. If the conversation is good enough, it will lead to subsequent dates.

Be present

Keep in mind that your date took the time off their daily routine, however boring it might be, to be there with you. Therefore, they deserve your undivided attention for the entire duration of the date. It’s only courteous that you keep away your phone and pay attention to them.

You want to make your partner feel special and that they are not playing second fiddle to your phone. It’s rude to scroll through Instagram and Facebook, liking and commenting on stuff while your partner tries to engage you in a conversation. It amounts to a lack of interest, at least in the eyes of your date. Unless you show your date that you care about what they have to say, you’re unlikely to get a second date.

Food plays a central role in any dating story, and so you must choose a great food establishment when going out on a date. Good food helps mellow the mood to keep a good conversation going. This leaves a good impression, which increases the likelihood of getting subsequent dates.

Food plays a crucial role in many relationships because the human courtship process entails going out on a date. Sharing a meal with a romantic interest increase the likelihood of actualizing your dreams and formalizing the relationship.

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