Types of Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is central to communicating messages to the public. Essentially, graphic design is a broad term that describes visual communication: be it sharing ideas, perspectives, or images. But there are many different types of graphic design depending on what you need. Below, we explore these variations.

1. Product Design

One form is product design. This is where professionals use graphics to help shape the look of products from toys to tools. It’s a process that begins with designers conducting market research to discover what appeals to potential customers, before coming up with illustrations and then eventually, the final product.

2. Branding Design

Branding design refers to the collection of images surrounding a company. This can include logos, marketing material, business cards, and brochures. Ultimately, the idea is that the branding design will be aligned and coherent to convey the company’s message. As such, there tends to be a great deal of consistency across a business’s branding design.

3. Web Design

Graphic design doesn’t just include physical products though. A central part of graphic design is web design. Websites need to be easy to navigate, plus they need to look pleasing enough for customers to hang around. And on top of all this, they need to tie in with the company aesthetic. As such, graphic designers are usually key to building quality websites.

4. Print Design

Print can still be extremely effective. From billboards to business cards and printed signs, physical publications can give a lasting reminder of your message. The key here for graphic designs is to create a digital image that translates perfectly into physical dimensions.

5. Publishing Design

Physical media depends upon looking good enough to buy. Whether it’s a magazine or a book, the design will be defined as whether it stands out on the shelf and entices customers to take a look. As such, designers work closely with writers and editors to achieve the perfect aesthetic for the publication.

6. Animation Design

Graphic Design

For more dynamic graphics, animation design is the form that works best. This is where specialized software is used to create sleek, moving graphics to grab attention. Animation can be useful on social media to stand out on the timeline. Or alternatively, animation can work particularly well on TV to make an advert pop.

As well as this, news networks or sports coverage can use animated graphics to make points and explanations easier to understand on TV.

Graphic design is effective at conveying a message across a variety of different formats. Whether your interests like in print, animation, TV, web, products, or branding, graphic design can help your business grab attention with slick visuals.

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