A Guide of Buying a Car

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Buying a Car

Buying a car for the first time? Well, this is one of the most exciting moments in the lives of many people. But do you know that there are various steps involved?  How did you stop to first wonder how you are going to get the right car? Do you understand what makes the difference in prices in different ex-showrooms and the road price on your car?

Whether you are buying for the first time or you are just getting a new one to supplement your old car, the feeling is simply amazing. Right from taking it to the dealership driving it home, it is an amazing moment. The aroma in the new car and the latest technology you get that was not in your old one is all euphoric. There are many companies that woo car buyers with easy EMI loans, promotional offers, wonderful discounts and a bunch of other mouth-watering schemes. They all make the process so easy that you just want to grab it and buy your own car.

A Guide of Buying a Car:

Why buy a new car?

There is no denying that owning a car is very delightful. They have a greater lifespan at the beginning when they are still new, and getting problems with them is not very easy. The warranty on the car will take care of any issue that may come up when you are using the car.

Buying a Car

Newer cars have great other features, like rear cameras that detect motion, anti-lock braking system among many other cool staff. It only makes sense when one decides to leave the struggles of fighting with their old cars to get a new one.

However, behind the scenes of buying a car makes it a bit more complicated than it sounds. You will notice that it is not just about walking into a dealership and picking out any car. It begins with research, getting the car that suits you, picking the model, getting the insurance and a plethora of other necessities.

But if you know exactly what to do and how to go about it, things will be much easier for you. Consider http://boomo.com, for instance, there is so much you can about buying cars. In addition, we have prepared this guide to make your work much easier.

Start with research:

Groundwork is one of the strongest pillars of buying a car online. There is nothing that will make your time payoff than good research. Consider the following research ideas.

Start by deciding your budget. The price of the car may not be the only thing to look at when making the budget. Add on, insurance, taxes and many other additions that make the final prices.

Secondly, what are your needs? The perfect car should handle all your needs. Depending on your needs, decide whether you want an MUV, an SUV. If you have a huge family, you will get your car choice from here.


Then go for the variant. There are two engines options, in particular, diesel and petrol. Diesel cars come with an extra buck but they are the best in terms of mileage and toque. Petrol cars are cheaper but they lose on mileage a lot faster.

Buy a car that is in fashion, not one that is almost extinct. Finding spares for such vehicles may be a huge problem.

Consider buying your car during the festive season. India is a land of festivals and you are most likely to get great discounts then.

Get into the car and try it out:

You have been walking around all day and now you are exhausted. This might be the right time to sit down and have a look at the car, not just the pages on the manual.

Sit in the car and zoom it around on your own. Then ask a friend or someone you know who is good with cars for their opinion. This is called the drive of wisdom, not to jump from one car dealer to another, but to find the best features as per your expectation.

After making up your mind during the test, get the dealer to sign the dotted lines. This is to make sure they keep their word on quality, discounts, and delivery.

Close the deal:

After getting your homework ready, start the process of buying the car. There are a few points to take home here.

  • Find the best loan facility.
  • See if there are options for a trade-in with your old car.
  • Buy the insurance yourself.
  • Buy on extended warranties
  • Invest in essential safety features.

Inspect the car:

Once the car is delivered, inspect it. The goal is to ensure everything works perfectly, check that that the mileage is at zero, look at the paperwork and ensure everything is in order, collect your free goodies, then crown it with the necessary documents.

Final thought:

This is one moment in your life you may cherish forever. It is therefore advisable that you make it count. The ideas shared above will help you get the car you desire.

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