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If you’re borrowing someone’s car you can always choose to be added to that car owner’s insurance as a named driver. However, if you only need cover for just one day this option doesn’t usually offer the best value. This could also affect the policyholder’s no claims bonus if you should be involved in an accident and subsequently need to make a claim on their insurance policy.

If you already have a comprehensive cover on another car, you may have the ‘drive other cars’ cover included. This will provide cover should drive another car for a day however, this generally only includes Third Party cover

If you need daily car insurance for a few days, your best option is to take out a one-day car insurance policy. A One Day car insurance policy usually includes comprehensive cover, which means you’ll be insured for any potential damage that is caused to the car while you’re driving – unlike the third-party cover, which is the legal minimum requirement here in the UK. By having a One Day car insurance policy, you will not affect the car owner’s no claims bonus should you be involved in an accident and subsequently need to make a claim.

When would you need one-day car insurance?

Taking out a One Day car insurance can be a good alternative to hiring a car. This type of insurance is useful for moving house. It’s also handy when buying a car. Perhaps you’re taking a potential purchase out for a test drive or maybe you’re transporting it home before you take out a longer-term insurance policy.

The one-day cover is even available to a learner driver if you wish to practice in a family member or friend’s car before your test. On that note can take out a Temporary Learner Driver policy which will provide cover for up to 90 days.

Can anyone get a One Day car insurance policy?

Companies that do one-day insurance will typically take on any driver between the ages of 19-75. There are even some specialist providers that will cover individuals from age 17.

Almost all providers of one-day car insurance will exclude cars that are over a certain value. This is usually £50,000. You most likely will be asked about any previous claims. You are more likely to be able to get cover if you’ve had less than two claims in the past 3 years and have less than 6 penalty points on your license within the past five years. 

What is the cost of One Day car insurance?

While the cost of one-day car insurance will no doubt vary depending on both your postcode and your driving experience, it is very often an affordable alternative to actually hiring a car.

When you consider the cost of a one-day car insurance policy, it’s important to remember the excess that’s included on the policy. Your provider will ask you how much you would be willing to pay in the event of an accident. While you are sometimes able to cut the cost of your premium by electing to pay a higher voluntary excess, it’s important to remember that you will need to pay out of pocket in the event of a claim. It’s always best to choose a figure that is realistic.

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