Ladies! Learn How to Safely Ride The Motorcycle

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Ladies Motorcycle Ride

With the increasing times, the craze of bike riding among women is increasing. There are a huge number of women, who are riding the motorcycle. But it is believed that some ladies have dropped the motorcycle or some of the ladies have not dropped them yet. But is there any fear in the woman’s minds which is forcing them to drop the habit of riding the bikes? Do not worry, if anyone is scared of bike riding or wants to ride it but is not able to get over their fear. Here is the complete guide, which will help the ladies to get out of the fear. The first and foremost thing is complete safety. So before having anything, one should have all the required safety accessories with them so as to avoid any problems further.

  • Basically, there are two ways of learning bike riding i.e., either go for the bike riding course or go for the below guidelines. If anyone is learning bike riding for the first time and they do not have any idea about bike riding, they definitely should go for the course of bike riding or if they have some idea about bike riding then they can polish their skills with the below-mentioned guidelines.
  • So as to get over the fear of biking, start with the small bike. One can either borrow it from friends or relatives or start with it. If someone does not have a small motorcycle then they can start with the ideal one.
  • So get over the bike and get fully comfortable with it. First of all, properly get the knowledge of the location of the gears and clutch’s location. Get complete knowledge of the total number of gears in the bike. It means that some bikes have 5 gears while some bikes have 4 gears, so check accordingly. Get the details of the turning indicators. Check that how to press them while turning or if they turn off on their own or one has to push the button to turn them off. After getting all the basic details and try to feel comfortable over the motorcycle. The most important thing and the major concern is safety. It is for sure that the number of chances of getting injured get increased while riding the motorcycle. So do not forget to purchase a good quality helmet i.e., xxs motorcycle helmet, and starts practicing the bike in the upright position. After practicing all these positions, check for the other important parts of the motorcycle like headlights, turning lights, brake the system, the air pressure in the tires, tread of the tire, and many more so as to completely ensure the safety of yours as well as others.
  • Do not forget to have the ladies motorcycle jacket while riding the motorcycle. Now another step is to feel the walking of the bike. It means that start walking the bike by putting it in the upright position. Always follow this step on the streets where the traffic is very less or almost zero so that safety can be ensured. After putting the bike in the upright position, turn on the start button after turning on the ignition switch. Now keep the motorcycle into the first gear. Do not forget to release the clutch slowly and put it back. This step is important because here the rider is learning the basic feel of the clutch and gear. Do not put your feet on the bike while doing this step. The feet should be touching the ground. Do not follow any of these steps without having an experienced rider with you because if the rider drops the bike or any injury happens then there should be one to help the rider.
  • Now the other steps come like shifting the gears, bobbing, weaving, and turning the high speed etc. If the rider does not know anything about the basic steps then they cannot know the further steps. After following all these steps, start practicing and riding the bike with the eight. It means that find a certain place, which has zero traffic and moves or ride the bike by making the figure of eight. As the figure of eight helps to know the turning of the bike. The chances of injury get increased while moving the bike in the figure of eight so wear safety gloves, safety alpinestars motorcycle jacket, and helmet so as to avoid the injury.

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