5 Tricks to Maximize Your Vertical Space

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah29 October 2021

Wall Space

What if you’re left with just the necessities at home, but your apartment is still overflowing with your belongings? When your home or apartment is just too tiny to accommodate all of your things, there are many options for freeing up some more room. You can begin by donating or selling items you no longer need.

We’re all aware that buying a house is a significant financial commitment. In addition to shelter and safety, well-maintained home offers comfort for the eyes and brings happiness into one’s life.

Home Upkeep

Home Upkeep

To keep your house in good condition, you must do regular home maintenance. The efficient functioning of your home’s many components relies heavily on routine maintenance. Regular home upkeep can also save you money and protect your health.

Your house can get worn out over time from everyday use and abuse. Therefore, it would be best to keep your home’s upkeep under control by doing routine maintenance. It means keeping up with things like painting the outside and fixing things up on the inside when it comes to house maintenance.

To keep your house in good shape, you’ll have to take care of each of these components. And in some instances, you might have to consult with a specialist for a drywall repair project. To avoid making a mistake with sensitive wall treatments, it would be best to conduct your homework before you begin.

Construct a Set of Shelves

Construct a Set of Shelves

Installing shelves is the simplest method to make the most of your available wall space. It doesn’t matter if you purchase pre-made ones or create your own as a do-it-yourself project. Shelves can be used in various ways, such as a beautiful centerpiece installed at different heights or free-standing shelves. They can also be used in almost any area of your home, and they take up less space than cabinets or even cupboards.

To put up floating shelves, follow this step-by-step guide from The Home Depot. These have the advantage of being able to be used at any skill level. If you want to use them as a storage space for clothing or other items, you can mount them one foot from the ceiling. Keep in mind that storing heavy things this high on shelves is not a good idea if you live in an earthquake-prone region.

Install Hooks and Racks on the Walls

Install Hooks and Racks on the Walls

Hanging items from the wall, mainly clothing, has never been more accessible. Take a look at the Ikea Bjarnum hangers. They’re simple to put up on a wall. Using wall racks and hooks is a beautiful way to utilize space while also beautifying your house. In addition to hanging jackets and umbrellas in the entryway, these hooks can be used for various other purposes.

In the living room and kitchen, colorful racks provide a splash of color, while in the bathroom, stainless steel or plastic racks help you keep your bathroom clutter-free and organized. Add S-hooks to hang smaller objects to make the most of your S-hooks.

Knitted Baskets for the Ceiling

If you’re a novice, knitted hanging baskets are an easy DIY project that will improve the appearance of your house while also providing storage space. Although there are many designs to choose from, a thick length of thread or a rope can be used to create a plant pot or basket hanger. You can hang them from curtain rods or even tension rods near windows. Because they are made of cloth, they’re lightweight and portable, so they’ll take up no room if you decide to get rid of them or relocate.

Blouses, jackets, and other clothing can be hung from floating shelves. You can stack the frame with anything you want and put up a hanger bar below a hanging rack at chest level.

Stack Items

The tops of tall furniture and equipment, such as the fridge, are typical dead spots in your house that are easy to miss. Getting to these places can be tricky since a chair or perhaps a ladder is needed, but that’s precisely why they’re so helpful for storing things.

You can use them for something you don’t use very frequently, like tools, vacation or camping equipment, or even clothing you won’t use this season. Instead of cardboard boxes, consider using painted or stained wooden ones for a more elegant look.

To make the most of your available wall space and free up some valuable floor space, consider implementing any of these ideas. It’s time to give your walls a revamp.

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