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Mobilabonnement Norge

Most European mobile phones should work in Norway (but do check before departing), though be sure yours is unlocked and has a SIM card compatible with its country of residence.

Telenor has an outstanding network in Norway. They provide several data packages that span three months or longer, and their prepaid SIM Kontantkort can be found both at Telenor shops as well as convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Narvesen, or Deli de Luca.

But how to decide the right mobile subscription for your cell phone or as we say in the Norwegian language, Mobilabonnement Norge? Let’s have a detailed insight into it. 


Telenor is Norway’s market leader when it comes to providing excellent coverage and speeds across the nation, as well as boasting a competitive 4G network that is especially advantageous for prepayment customers.

If you’re in Norway looking for mobile subscription solutions, Telenor might just be what you need! With their market leadership comes great coverage and speeds all throughout Norway as well as their convenient 4G network that caters specifically to prepaid users.

Telenor offers another great feature known as FriFamilie group, which allows up to six prepaid consumer or business subscriptions (but only 3 are prepaid) and one fixed line to share voice, text, and data allowances – an easy way of tracking individual usage as well as keeping within your budget.

Telenor offers travelers and people staying for short stays a range of flexible prepaid plans designed specifically to their needs, from 250MB to 6GB packages that can be bought for 31 days at a time – more flexible than Telia’s limited prepaid bundles that only last 1 to 3 days at a time. Travelers can visit this helpful site for more information.

Telenor has strong coverage but scored poorly on the Nonstop Retention Index due to its lack of unlimited plans and high PAYG rates for data. The Mobilabonnement Norge it offers is also worth mentioning. 

Their default rate for up to 100MB of daily usage is 10 kr; after reaching this limit, speed drops significantly and may only reach 128KB/s; to prevent this scenario, you can order data packages through either their website or call center.

In order to compare services fairly, it may be helpful to use an independent website. A site like can help you in your research. It’s very important to do your research before committing to any subscription service to ensure you are getting the best value.



Telia is on a mission to bring people and businesses closer through technology. Their services connect individuals, families, and businesses, offering broadband services that enhance digital lives.

In Norway alone, Telia provides one of the fastest broadband services for households as well as operating a DOCSIS network and supporting cable TV providers – making upgrades faster and less expensive without digging trenches!

The company operates in three segments: Sweden, Europe, and Other. In Sweden, mobile, television, and fixed-line communication services are provided by the Company in that country.

Mobile broadband TV and fixed-line services in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia make up the Europe segment while “other” refers to International carrier operations and customer financing activities conducted by them.

Telia offers several Mobilabonnement Norge with differing lengths of data in Norway. Their three-month data package features 200MB each month; additionally, they have six-month and 1-year options with variable data allowances. Telia is currently working to expand its 5G service coverage across Norway as it currently boasts the second-largest mobile operator with 4G coverage of 99% of the population.

Telia provides innovative telecommunications products and services that are used by millions of people throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions, including its workforce of approximately 20,000 employees who strive to offer customers high-quality, personalized services at all times. They provide mobile networks, broadband Internet services, cable television services, phone telephony systems, digital services – and much more!

Recently, Telia announced the introduction of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service on its Norway 4G network. Telia noted that VoLTE would offer many benefits for subscribers, such as improved call sound quality and faster web browsing during calls.

Telia is a Norwegian multinational telecoms company established in 1853 with headquarters located in Oslo, Norway. Telia has become one of the leading telecommunications providers in Nordic and Baltic markets, serving more than 20 million customers – this includes individuals, families, communities, and businesses alike.


Lyca has some fantastic Mobilabonnement Norge if you’re traveling to Norway and in need of a SIM card. Choose from various plans with different data allowances or unlimited data access – some plans even come with free prepaid cards, which are perfect for shopping and transit use; you can use these cards for buying food and beverages, booking taxi rides, or paying public transit fare.

The company also offers longer-term plans, from three to twelve months, that offer discounts if you sign on for longer. Be aware that registration must be done in person by showing photo identification; to speed things up further, it would be wise to visit an actual branded store rather than an independent third-party location.

LycaMobile is a widely popular SIM-only network in the UK that provides excellent value for international calls and texts. They also boast a selection of handsets, including iPhones as well as an impressive Trustpilot rating. Unfortunately, Lyca doesn’t provide many exclusive Mobilabonnement Norge offers that other networks do, and plans may be less competitive for roaming services.

The Lycamobile app for both iOS and Android allows you to manage your account, check balances and purchase additional data. In addition, there’s a widget that displays network connection speed and battery status – something especially helpful when traveling abroad! You can even choose your language of preference so the app appears appropriate in any locale.



Mobal was founded by Tony Smith after being frustrated by trying to stay connected while traveling internationally. He envisioned creating an organization that could allow international travelers to stay in contact regardless of where they were in the world. What’s even better is knowing about their limited Mobilabonnement Norge deals. 

Mobal offers international mobile phone services for travelers. Their offerings include SIM cards and Pocket Wi-Fi routers designed specifically for use abroad, in addition to an array of calling and data plans which can be purchased for either short- or long-term travel abroad.

Its plans make staying connected easier – perfect for keeping family and friends up-to-date while traveling!

Mobal offers various data bundles tailored specifically for Europe, which customers can add directly into their Mobal MyAccount or purchase as pre-paid SIM cards with included data packages that can be used across smartphones, tablets, and other devices – pricing may differ by country.

Mobal stands out from its big three competitors by not charging hidden costs or contract locks and by not imposing cancellation fees. This makes Mobal an excellent option for travelers seeking less pricey Mobilabonnement Norge options and those seeking English-speaking customer support and charitable donations.

Staying connected while traveling can be challenging. This is why it is important to compare rates and terms between carriers to find the one that will best suit your needs. 

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