How To Renew Antigua And Barbuda Passport?

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Barbuda Passport

Obtaining citizenship in another country is a service that is becoming increasingly popular.

According to the specialist of the company Immigrant Invest Svetlana Gorchakova, this may be due to several factors: from the search for better living conditions to the desire to live in a politically stable and economically developed country.

Today, many island countries offer to obtain the documents. It is also quite realistic to get Antiguan citizenship. Initially, you need to apply for it (you can do it online) and wait for an answer. It is usually positive.

You will get the right to legally stay in the country, which also opens the way to a local passport. It is issued for 5 years for the first time. You have to be in the country for at least 5 days to get it.

Over time, an Antigua and Barbuda passport renewal is required. For this, you must:

  • present a document of the visit to the country;
  • show an entry stamp in your passport;
  • demonstrate your passenger ticket;
  • show proof of hotel accommodation.

In general, the procedure is simple and uncomplicated. That is why there are no problems with obtaining new documents.

Features Of The Renewed Antigua And Barbuda Passport

Features Of The Renewed Antigua

You will need to take an oath of allegiance to the local government. In order to do this, you need to sign up in advance. You can use the help of professionals to make sure you don’t get mixed up in the process.

The documents that need to be provided include:

  • confirmation from the hotel and receipt of room payment;
  • copy of airline tickets;
  • copy of arrival stamp;
  • copy of boarding pass;
  • copy of passport page with biographical data.

Next, you will need to take an oath in a special institution in the presence of a notary. After that, all documents will be certified. 

The corresponding request for the oath must be made at least 2 weeks before the expected date. As for the cost of Antigua and Barbuda passport renewal, the procedure for adults will cost $ 1000, and for children – 500.

After submitting all documents, you will need to fill out an AB10 form.

Other certificates that will be required include:

  1. Confirmation that you have held your investment for five years, as required by law.
  2. A certificate of property ownership.
  3. Copies from the share registry.
  4. Completed passport forms. They must have pictures at once.
  5. Copy of birth certificate.
  6. Certificate of registration.
  7. Marriage certificate (if available).
  8. Old passport (taken away to be canceled).

The rules are simple enough. Therefore, it is not difficult to renew your Antigua and Barbuda passport. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to collect all documents, provide up-to-date data, and pay a small amount of money.

Thanks to this, you can obtain a new passport that will allow you to travel freely to more than 100 countries in different parts of the world. Therefore, all citizens should be interested in carrying out this procedure.

Among the Investment migration countries, this one has some of the most comfortable conditions. To get the right document, it is enough to apply and make an investment in the local fund, or to buy a house in the country.

Advantages Of Passing The Antigua Passport Renewal Form

Passport Renewal

If you meet all the requirements established by the state, you can easily get a new document. It is recognized throughout the world. The Antigua and Barbuda passport renewal form is simple.

The price for the service is not high. But you will receive a document that gives you the right to legally conduct business and reside in the country or travel to different corners of the world.

You will always find quality service and an excellent climate in a small state. It is great for vacations and for permanent residence. If you fill out the Antigua passport renewal form, you can get citizenship for another 10 years.

Since the requirements and commission are small, there are usually no problems in passing the procedures. There are also agencies that are ready to help with the collection of documents and the oath of office. The cost of their services is not high.

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