How To Kill Roots In A Sewer Line

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Sewer Line

It may be impossible to imagine a root growing in the sewer line. Some of us will even think it’s impossible because the sewer line is meant for wastewater. However, roots are naturally drawn to your sewer pipes, despite all the unpleasant things that go through them. The reason behind this is simple; the lines are full of water, oxygen, and a variety of nutrients, making them ideal ground for a tree to establish its roots.

How To Identify The Problems In Sewer Lines?

How To Identify The Problems In Sewer Lines?

If your sinks and bathtubs are emptying slowly, or if you hear weird gurgling sounds coming from your toilet, you may be nurturing a tree root down the pipes. A small root in your sewer may not cause any problem, but it is ideal for reaching out to experts to help with this because if left unattended, it may eventually grow big and cost you a lot of money for repair

Hydro jetting usually does the job quite well when it comes to killing tree roots in the sewer line. So if you’re looking to hire experts to do this, you can learn more about it in this article here:

How Exactly Does A Root Get Into The Sewer Line?

How Exactly Does A Root Get Into The Sewer Line?

A break in a pipe creates an opening that allows vapor to escape into the cool soil. In quest of moisture and nutrition, tree roots grow towards this, forcing their way into the pipe and establishing a home there. This is simply the start of an extensive root. 

The fact that the pipe has a lot of nutrients that benefit the root means it grows faster than expected. When homeowners fail to remove or kill tree roots in sewer lines, they may increase until the pipe is full. Once the root is established, it later becomes a haven for clogs because particles that pass through the pipe can no longer go down the drain.

It does not stop there; a root in your sewer line can grow big enough to damage the pipe, and with this, you will need to pay for replacing the pipe.

3 Tips To Kill Roots In A Sewer Line

3 Tips To Kill Roots In A Sewer Line

It is understandable if, at this point, you are already wondering what can be done to remove or kill roots in the sewer line. 

The good news is that you can do a few things to escape such a situation. These include:

1. Prevent Root From Growing

While the above techniques of clearing up roots in your sewer line and pipes are less expensive than getting a plumber to handle it for you, preventing the problem from arising in the first place is clearly the most cost-effective option.

If you plan to plant anything in the future, you should first determine the location of your utility lines. Then, you can engage the service of professionals who can help you choose the right place for your drainage system and pipes. You know the exact spot where the tree is not expected to grow with this.

You can also keep more giant trees from at least 10 feet away from any utility lines or far enough away from your water lines that their fresh roots won’t reach them.

2. Drying Out Roots With Rock Salt Or Sodium Chloride

The first way to kill roots in the sewer line is by pouring rock salt into the drain. Aside from the fact that the salt or sodium chloride kills the plant, they also act as a solid sponge to thoroughly clean your drain and free it from the clog.

Use the solution to kill the root by adding it into the water and flushing it down the drain. If you are using rock salt, ensure that you use up to 2 pounds of salt and keep pouring it until you have cleaned the bucket that contains it. Now, wait for the solution to work for about 12 minutes. Ensure that you do not try to flush water down the train during these 12 hours.

Do this as often as possible to ensure that you have thoroughly killed the root. This way, you prevent the new sources from growing.

3. Use Foaming Root Killers

One of the ways to kill roots in the sewer lines is to use a foaming root killer. Root killers include a specific herbicide that kills most of the tree roots on contact and leaves a deposition that prevents the fresh roots from growing into your pipes. 

If you discover that type of problem early enough, you must be able to flush the root killer straight into your toilet, as long as you properly follow the product’s directions.

How To Prevent Roots From Getting Into The Sewer Line

How To Prevent Roots From Getting Into The Sewer Line

You should have no more problems with roots in your sewer line if you repeat this method a couple of times a year. Root killer is also preferable because it is gentler on your pipes while preventing root regrowth. But knowing the single solution is not an honest answer to your question.

Here are three easy steps which you can apply to prevent the root growth in your sewer line.

1. Routinely Check Your Drains

Regular inspection will save you time and money. You’ll be able to spot any odd growth or clog in any of your pipes if you inspect at least once in three or six months.

You can even get a qualified plumber to carry out this check for you. This way, the plumber can use a sewer inspection camera to look down your sewer line and damaged drain to detect any root growth.

2. Replace The Old Pipe

Replacing the pipes would be beneficial. As sewer line pipe materials, plastic or steel would be ideal. Plastic pipes do not have seams or susceptible junctions, and they are corrosion resistant.

3. Recognize Your Residence’s Setting

Naturally, everyone should plant a tree at least once in their lives. Planting a tree in the wrong spot, on the other hand, might get you into a lot of difficulties, including root growing in your pipe. 

However, by changing your setting, you can detect plants growing near your sewer line and sanitization pipes. 


Killing roots in the sewer line is possible, and you do not have to worry about that. Proper maintenance of your drainage system and total house maintenance is good to prevent the root from growing in your pipe. Understand that it is essential to detect the growth early; otherwise, you may be dealing with more significant issues like pipe replacement.

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