7 Ways To Use Your Old Phone

Technologyby Arnab Dey01 March 2022

old phone

Nowadays, having an old phone has become the most useful thing because e-devices are getting upgraded more and more every day. But if you are still confused about what do you do with your old phone, then read on to know the uses of old phones:

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1) Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

When you have got the old phone, and it’s still working, then you might feel a little confused about whether to use it or just keep it in the corner. Of course, selling it would be your first choice. But you can definitely use it as an alarm clock.

The reason it is best used as an alarm clock is that you can use it whenever you want without worrying about charging and other call disturbances. Moreover, when your alarm clock isn’t working, you can opt for your old phone.

2) Security Cam

When you are at home or in the office, sometimes your security camera might not work because of some technical issues or electricity cut off. That’s when an old phone saves your day. When you have an old phone, you can put it in a selfie stick and keep it near the door of the office or home, so the phone can record who is going out and who is coming in. This way you don’t need to worry about someone trespassing from your place.

3) Webcam For Computer

Webcam For Computer

You can always use your old phone after recycling. The companies like mobilemonster.com.au specialize in the recycling of e-devices. When you have an old phone, you can do some repairing stuff with your webcam and use it as a webcam for computers.

Nowadays, attending online meetings and classes has become a new normal, so you can attend it from your computer and connect your old mobile phone to the computer and use it as a webcam for your computer to attend meetings and classes.

4) Make Kids Happy

When we were kids, we all might have those small buttoned phones to talk to everyone, but as technology is changing, smartphones have become an important tool for this generation’s kids because of the e-classes, e-learning, and e-explanations of the questions that kids have(all thanks to pandemic).

So, if you have an old phone, you can give it to your kids so that they can use it as a learning source. But, on the other hand, if you are worried that your kids might use it wrongly, you can switch on a parent lock.

5) E-book

Nowadays, reading has become part of everyone’s life. No matter if you like to read or not, you will always get attracted to e-books because it has a different digital vibe that you can’t explain. So, you can use your old phone as an e-book library.

Moreover, if you are a Bookworm, there is no need to tell you that an old phone is best used to store ebooks. Besides, sometimes the books we want are costly, so we may not be able to buy them. Hence, an ebook is the best option to read any book.

6) Gaming Device

Gaming Device

As we all might be aware of it, e-gaming has become a part of daily living for most youths as well as other people. Sometimes when you have a new phone, you can’t download the games you want to play because of storage issues, but when you have an old phone, you don’t need to worry about storage because it won’t have any files or images that may take up the memory. So, you can download and play any game you want to, without worrying about the storage.

7) Make Some Music

If you love music (who doesn’t?!), then you can make some music of your own without worrying about where to save it. Your old phone is the best hack to save the music you created. Sometimes, when you feel like you want to put your feelings into one, then an old phone will help you. You can record your voice and listen to it.

Well, in short, as with old phones, there is a lot of space/memory/storage inside. So, you can record and save whatever you want without worrying about storage.

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