The Best Winter Road Trips In The USA: A List Of Destinations!

Travelby Abdul Aziz Mondal19 December 2022

Winter Road Trips In The USA

When the New Year’s lights begin to twinkle from California and Florida to North Dakota and Alaska, that’s the first signal that you need to pack all the necessary things, start the car, and go on an exciting trip across the country.

And what else can provide such a driving experience as the roar of the engine, the sound of the wheels drifting, and the slight dizziness of speeding down the highway? Such trips, and especially with the whole family, are a great holiday gift that is sure to be remembered for a long time.

Today, we will tell you about the best winter road trips in the USA that are sure to leave only pleasant memories. Keep reading to find out more.

Details About 5 Best Winter Road Trips In The USA

1. Alaska: The Kingdom Of «Ice Silence»

Virgin Creek Falls

When people talk about this place, they immediately note that it is a harsh land of glaciers, tundra and grizzly bears, but this myth is challenged by the state capital, the city of Anchorage. This place is testing, and the weak-natured have no place here.

Arriving here, it is worth visiting Carngo rental and choosing the right vehicle right away, because not every car can cope with the challenges that await here, and you can not always be sure that nothing bad will happen to your personal vehicle.

Firstly, the wonderful and impressive local vistas are worth noting, viz: Virgin Creek Falls (a hiking trail surrounded by waterfalls), Chugach State Park (national nature park, home to the famous grizzly bears, often featured in horror movies), and visit the coast of Lake Eklutna, which is a gem of the area. By the way, there is an opportunity to go by helicopter to the glacier and even a dog sledding trip in the mountains.

It is worth coming here if only, for the sake of, making sure that this place is worthy of a road trip holiday’s America, because the nature of Alaska is ready to give you amazing ascents to the mountain peaks, descending through the rough river currents and hiking through the ancient mysterious forests. Get ready for an extreme adventure!

2. Oregon: The Picturesque Land Of Christmas Trees

forests, mountains, lakes

Oregon is «famed» for its incredible forests, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls, but most of all it is the unofficial “Christmas tree capital” of the world. It’s worth finding a budget car rental and heading to Eugene, because that’s where you can see rare species of griffins in the local national park or ride the «Willamette River bike trail».

However, good old Eugene is home to many small and medium-sized wineries, craft beer bars, and other beverages, so fans of fine spirits are sure to find something to do here. In addition, this particular place can be called one of the most promising destinations for USA road trip holidays, because it regularly hosts various festivals and competitions of popular soccer clubs in the main city arena.

3. Hershey (Pennsylvania): The Chocolate Capital Of The United States

Hershey (Pennsylvania): The Chocolate Capital Of The United States

Chocolate is not the only thing that attracts tourists to the city, but visiting this place is one of the best ideas for a winter trip if only because there are many interesting sights.

In particular, you can rent a cheap car and go to an amusement park, a puppet theater for children, the central city garden or a museum of cars from the 19th and early 20th centuries. In the city there are many pubs, restaurants for vegetarians, as well as confectionery stores that make exquisite sweets, known throughout the country.

4. New Hampshire: The Land Of Untamed Nature

numerous cascades of waterfalls

To get a true sense of nature, North Conway is worth a visit, where travelers can enjoy exciting adventures in the many national parks and preserves. In particular, you can take advantage of a car rental near me and drive through scenic forest landscapes, see numerous cascades of waterfalls, ponds, and go camping in the local lowlands.

This place is great for shopaholics, as numerous gift stores like «Virgin Creek Falls», «Christmas Loft» or «Naked Bohemian» offer the opportunity to buy rare, authentic and useful items that are sure to interest everyone.

5. Wisconsin: Spectacular Ice Caves

 fascinating landscapes

A visit to the city of Madison is a must right away, because this place is one of the most attractive offerings for USA road trip vacations, well, at least that’s what the tourist guides recommend. It has everything for an active vacation: five parks with fascinating landscapes, one zoo with endangered species of Asian wildlife, and a famous botanical garden.

As a road trip holiday can suit one of these museums: art, military, historical, children’s, scientific or geological. By and large, if you look, you can find craft breweries, as well as a real observatory, which is also a great option for educational tourism.


Considering the above, we can say that any of the proposed travel options on the road will bring only unforgettable impressions, and these incredible moments in the company of family and loved ones will definitely become your treasure for years to come. We recommend taking a trip to each of these incredible places, and the adventures will find you themselves!

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