Part-time Jobs to Consider During Covid-19

Job & Career by  Mashum Mollah 17 November 2021

Part-time Jobs

The coronavirus, popularly known as covid-19, caught us with surprise. The things we used to enjoy were indefinitely halted to curb the high spread of this deadly disease. Activities like family meetings, public gatherings, gym, and playing football all come to a standstill.

Since its outbreak, covid-19 has driven the world’s economy into a tailspin where many businesses had to close down and left others buckling under unsustainable pressure.

Singaporeans, just like other people across the globe, millions of them lost their jobs, leaving them hopeless without knowing what they will eat tomorrow or what will happen to them. Working community members were left sitting at home, not knowing when to return to their workplaces or when they would expect the next paycheque if there were any.

As a result, the Ministry of Manpower reported an increased number of retrenched workers since January, and the figure is estimated to skyrocket in the future. Surprisingly, the number of jobless individuals is expected to hit the 200,000 mark this year alone.

Read the points below to learn some of the most opportunistic jobs amidst this pandemic situation.

Part-time Jobs to Consider During Covid-19

Part-time Jobs to Consider During Covid-19

The loss of lives and jobs created the darkest moments of our lives. However, not all was lost because if you lost your job and you are wondering what to do next, here is some good news to give you hope that despite your situation, brighter days are coming soon and you will have your paycheque soon.

There are several part-time jobs that you can undertake and help you earn something that you can use to pay some of your billing. Probably you have had part-time jobs, but you don’t know how and where to get started. Below are some of the jobs that you can do partially and maybe make it full-time in the future.

1. Social Distancing Ambassador

Are you a greater communicator? Is your English and mother tongue fluent? Well, this job can be yours. If you are charismatic and outgoing, you can help the government pass the message of social distance, which will go a long way to help curb the spread of this deadline disease.

This part-time job might not pay you as well as you used to, but it will allow you to go out and talk to the people and help pass the CCB message to the people. The $2500 in remuneration is not as bad as being idle or without anything.

After all, you are playing your part in ending this deadline virus so you and others can return to their jobs where the pay is high. Additionally, it will help you develop some valuable communications skills that will land you a dream job.

2. Delivery Rider

As the movement of people has been reduced, you can help deliver shopping or food to animals and humans, especially those unable to go out to fetch them. Also, you can deliver special commodities and documents. You can help move things that need to be delivered from one point to another. As a result, you might find a new job opportunity.

After all, transport and logistics is a lucrative industry and untapped one. You might develop it into something big that will, without any doubt, shape your future career.

3. Temperature Checker/Health Screener

This is a simple job of the three but crucial in reducing the spread of covid-19. I am pretty sure you have seen such people in many places, such as shopping malls, offices, and train stations. By just checking someone’s temperature, you stand a chance of earning something. Taking this job can be your baby step to joining a healthcare career that has limitless opportunities.

No job is small or useless. By undertaking one of these 3 part-time jobs, you are opening your doors to something big in the future while helping curb the spread of covid-19 so we can all return to our normal lives, at the same time paying some of your bills from the remunerations you will receive.


So these are the three jobs that you can get in a pandemic situation that also require minimum effort. Finding out a stable and well-paid job during a pandemic is something that seems impossible to many. But now with the above suggestions, I hope U have made it easier for you. Wanna try them out? Start applying today and give the interviews. I am sure you will come out with flying colors. 

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