Choosing The Right Toilet Installation Style For Your Home

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Every home needs a toilet, but that does not necessarily mean that they all have to be installed in exactly the same way. There can be a range of reasons why you might prefer a particular style of installation, from a simple corner toilet to a complex upflush design.

If you are looking to replace a toilet within your home – or build an entirely new bathroom from scratch – then you need to consider the type of toilet that you are creating. Even the smallest differences could change the way that the system works and how it connects to your property’s water system as a whole.

Standard Dual-Flush Toilets

In most cases, dual-flush designs mounted against a wall are the most common you’ll see. The dual functionality makes them great for day-to-day life, and they can be more water-efficient than some other models, but can also cost a lot more and are generally quite limited in features.

Pressure Assisted Toilets

Pressure-assisted toilets use pressurized air to fill the water tank. This is noisy, but also enables more efficient use of the toilet itself in households with a lot of people. As you might expect, this makes it a perfect option for dealing with water shortages, high water costs, or even just limiting the amount of water that you waste.

Gravity Flush Toilets

Gravity flush toilets are mostly silent and easy to maintain, using a gravity system that is meant to prevent clogging and other issues that regular toilets normally suffer from. However, this specialization also means that they often need to be installed in very specific ways and can be quite expensive to set up, depending on the design of the room you are installing yours in.

Upflush Toilets

Upflush toilets are meant to simplify plumbing by limiting how much needs to be installed in the floor, making them incredibly suited to be installed almost anywhere in your home. The unique discharge system makes them quite versatile, but also require specialist help to install correctly.

Corner-Based Toilets

Corner toilets are exactly what they sound like – a toilet designed to fit into the corner of the room. While this might sound very basic, these are perfect for saving space, using up a diagonal part of the room that reduces the toilet’s profile and prevents the corner’s potential space from being wasted.

These are great additions to any smaller home, despite being a basic idea – a lot of corner toilets use unique designs that can fit into any 90-degree space, no matter the size of the room.

Choosing The Best Toilet Installation Type

While most of the toilets above are their own unique styles, they all have to be installed in different ways or use different systems to function. This means that they serve very different roles as toilets, even if you are mostly still using them in the same way.

Naturally, this means that some toilets are going to fit your home better than others. There can be a range of reasons why one particular style might stand out compared to others on the market, but it is always important to choose a toilet type that fits your needs and bathroom layout.


Cost is always important. A more expensive toilet system means either better quality or a more complex system, but sometimes the price of a specific toilet type might be too high for you to comfortably purchase. Your budget is always the most important part of buying any new appliance or addition to your home.

Remember that cost can also be influenced by a lot of different factors, including brand names. Some brands are going to be more expensive than others or come from suppliers that charge higher shipping. You also need to factor in installation costs.


Bathrooms are often quite small spaces, especially in smaller homes, and this can mean that even the size of your toilet becomes important. A larger toilet system is going to take up more room, which not only makes your bathroom more cramped but might actually cause discomfort if you are trying to use it.

Remember that most bathrooms need to serve a few roles all at once. Fitting all of the required furniture into one can be tough, so sometimes, you need to compromise and go for a smaller or more compactly-designed toilet type that will not stick out into the middle of the room.


Some toilet types are a lot louder than others, and there are some cases where this really matters. Quiet toilets are less likely to disturb people who are sleeping or busy with something important but may also cost more or require extra installation steps that can take more work to complete.

Even living alone, you might have a preference for a specific level of volume. If you have the budget to spare, then it can sometimes be nice to get something a little quieter – or, if you do not care about the volume, to get something louder that has other practical benefits instead.


As with everything else in your home, it’s also very important to consider how the toilet functions and its suitability for you. Different types of toilets have different plumbing, and some have extra options for helping to combat clogs or save water.

This can be more important than you might think since this completely changes the installation type, cost, potential delays, and even the rooms in which you can install the new toilet.


Always focus on quality when you understand what you want to look for. It is important to choose the right brand and toilet model for whatever type you want – for example, Orchard corner toilets. Choosing good-quality options leads to fewer issues, easier installation, and a much lower chance of unexpected faults.

Like your budget, quality should be a serious concern in every situation.  You never want to buy something cheaply-made that barely works, especially if it is a toilet installation that would require specialists to fix when something breaks down. Use common sense and go for the options that seem the most suitable and reliable.

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