What’s Trending in The World of Pools?

Home & gardenby Mashum Mollah27 February 2021

What's Trending in The World of Pools

A new year means a few new changes to be made in our homes, doing some renovations, changing up the interior, and looking at some new pool trends to help you update your pool’s look. Or if you don’t have a pool, this is a perfect place to start if you are trying to find out what is new and hot when it comes to pool trends.

Have a Built-in Bar And Ledge

Built-in Bar And Ledge

Gone are the days when we think having a pool is all about working out and fitness, in fact, these are the go-to spot when we are entertaining guests. A deep in the water as you hang out and cool off with family and friends mostly happens in Australia during summer. Thus, having some built-in bars and ledges will make hanging out much more comfortable, and this immediately gives you more options than merely having rafts and pool floats.

Some Dark Finishing to Your Pool

Dark Finishing to Your Pool

How about having that lagoon type of feel when you step into your backyard? The dark interior finish is a new trend for this exact look. It is also an easy way to keep your pool warm while cutting costs as dark colors can retain heat much better.

The Use of Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Technology keeps evolving every year; if you are still stuck using just one color to light up your pool, then your pool needs to be updated with the new lighting options. You can have multi-color lights that are perfect for a pool party event or probably set the mood for a date night by the pool. All this can be done remotely while impressing your guests.

Some Shallow Depth Pools

Shallow Depth Pools

Most pools have both shallow and deep end, but the new trend is having shallow depth pools. Remember these are mostly being used as an entertainment spot rather than a pool for swimmers. But this does not mean no exercise can take place in these pools, some water sports or aerobics are still possible while still having a chill spot when your guests come over.

Extra Features By The Pool

Having water and fire features is also a new trend in the swimming pool world, you can use one, or if you like going a little extra, incorporate both elements. Some fire and water features by your oasis give your pool that visual appeal and an overall exciting look to your backyard. There is a list of ideas to explore with these features, from a small waterfall, water fountain, to fire pots by the pool, creating that perfect ambiance to relax by your pool in the evening.


These hot trends must have given you the next idea for your pool, so how about doing it a little differently, make your backyard the go-to chill spot when people are over, are your relaxation space when you want to unwind after a long day.

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